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Not feeling blue about BLU!

I’m really happy about Blue Mage. Yes, you heard it here folks, someone who doesn’t agree with the grumbling I’ve read a lot of on Twitter and Reddit over the past couple of days.

Why am I happy? Well Blue Mage is not going to be hampered by FFXIV’s current job system. I’m sure there will be some restriction but the last thing I wanted was for them to ram a job which historically has been incredibly flexible into a rather rigid set of roles. I wasn’t interested in BLU if it was just another Caster. I’m incredibly interested in this version!

I would much rather be able to access a wide range of skills and choose how to play this class than be forced into some form of caster or ranged dps hybrid.

Yes, BLU will be capped at 50 to start. But the nice thing is all that low level gear gets an airing again (love my teen-dungeon sets). I will have 49 skills to pick up so every level there will be a focus. I’ll be levelling in open-world areas and with friends.

As someone who is bored with the repetition of duty roulettes, I actively avoid a lot of them these days. In fact I’d do most anything else except them. I dip into Expert a couple of times a week and that’s about it.

I’m looking forward to teaming up with friends and I’m not afraid to start BLU partyfinder groups to complete content. I’m sure the cap will go up and SE will adjust the content that BLU can engage with as they see how it’s used. I’m not expecting BLU to be in everything – but it’s far easier to ease up on access to gameplay than to restrict it. So it’s possible things will change over time.

The other thing which really excited me about the BLU announcements was the fact that it paves the way for other solo classes like Beastmaster/tamer and Puppetmaster!

I get some of the frustration. People want to come up with absolutely overpowered ways to speed through high level content. SE are saying – you can have BLU but due to its nature, we’re not going to let you do that constantly.

Looking forward to BLU way more than I expected. Now I just wish SE would change up some other content…



I apologise if links through to images no longer work. Photobucket changed things up in late 2017 and now links don’t work. I do have the images and I’m slowly downloading them but I’m not sure I have the patience to try and match up the old images with the links.

I may try and make some of the key FFXI images available elsewhere/

In other news, I’m still playing FFXIV and also Warframe!


FFXIV: I’m alive

Real life has been a bit crazy in the past 2-3 months and work is pretty stressful so I haven’t written much about the new patches.  I tweet a fair bit and if you’re interested in keeping up with the Free Company, my antics and game news, that’s the best place to follow me.

What have I been up to?

Finishing the Yokai event for my glow in the dark mount. I have one weapon to get before the 1st November.


Leveling my DoH/DoL classes. My gatherers went up pretty fast after the launch of Stormblood, but I do need to gear them better. Have 5/6 of the Master books ( just one fishing one to get).  I’m currently trying to gear my crafters. My specialists are all 70 (WVR, LTR & GSM) and I have the books for them. I’m on my way to my 4th book and it will be Alchemy. If I can gear eveyrthing appropriately I may switch specialisms briefly, just to create the new flying chair mount.


I ranked up in the new beast men quests a couple of time but with work being busy out of hours and having to farm for Yokai, I gave up progressing this until I’m done with Yokai. So I have the first turtle minion and that’s it.

I’m slowly farming MGP to work towards my new Korporkur (sp?) mount. I need 750k and I’m at 618k. I did manage to get my Gloria mount done and complete the GARO event a while ago. It’s nice sailing around on the smallest airship ever.

I have managed to beat all the extreme primals up to Shinryu and now have the first phase and some of the second down for Shin. I’d like to beat this one, it’s fun and the weapons would be handy. I have zero doggos but I have one bird. Every time I start a farming party for Bismark Ex, everyone else gets a bird and I roll pathetically. I may end up getting it the hard way.  I have a few Zurvan and Thordan totems but almost none for Sephi and Sophia.

I’ve completed all of the dungeons with my squadron, once. So I need to work on this but again, it’ll wait a few weeks. Work should ease up in December so until then, it’ll be an occasional things.

Also tried lowmanning (4 of us) Syrcus tower and Void Ark. Took a while but was good fun. Syrcus was no problem, VA would have been faster with 2 more.

I have ‘A’wood’.



[Siren] Drunken Siren’s Call aka . Coming back for Stormblood? Check us out!

We’re a small, friendly, social FC, established since early access (2013) on the Siren server.

Siren is on the Aether data center which has the two biggest NA servers in it, so our datacenter party finder is pretty busy.

The FC has a small number of friendly players and we’d like more! We have EU and NA players in the group so NA players who have some playtime in the day might like the company of our EU players. If you’re a shift worker or an EU player on Siren, this might suit you!

If you’re a late night PST player, this group probably won’t suit you but we do have the odd late night player.


You can find us on the Lodestone here:

We have a medium house in Ward 1 of the Mist with a workshop, 4 airships, summoning bell, crystal bell, armoire, triple triad table, chocobo stable etc which you are more than welcome to use.

We have players at varying levels of experience and don’t mind if you’ve played since alpha or joined yesterday!

You can find us on Twitter @DrunkenSiren (, Facebook and we have a a Discord server. None of these are mandatory but if you like to keep in touch you’re welcome to use any of them!

Apply in-game or leave a message here!
Mexi Lostbane – Drunken Siren’s Call aka <DRUNK>

P.S. The group doesn’t give a crap if you’re gay, straight, trans-gendered, black, white, pale blue or an alien. We’re a bunch of people who like playing video games together and that’s all that matters. Discrimination in the form of sexism, ageism, racism, homophobia and on the basis of any other inconsequential difference is not welcome and will not be tolerated.

Just stop it! Pre Expansion irritation!

Right. That’s it. I’m cross! You heard me!

Owl Stahp

Just stop! Yes, I mean you. I get it, you’re excited about the expansion – so am I! I wasn’t but I’m now fairly positive about it and looking forward to new content.

The job changes should make life more pleasant, especially for newer players and hopefully gently encourage all of us to do a better job by guiding us with the new job gauge system.

So – things I feel are utterly stupid right now:

  • Making definitive guides for any job, including the new ones. Seriously, we’ve already seen that there have been changes to the numbers on the tool tips and that there are things which we don’t understand yet.
  • Asking questions about how things will work when the freaking expansion hasn’t been released yet and NO ONE KNOWS! Why do you think other people magically have the answers that you don’t?
  • Deciding what the ‘meta’ will be. Who the fuck actually cares?! Oh ok that’s a bit harsh and I do get that raiders do really care but honestly until people really understand how their jobs work and all the small changes (proc rates, traits etc) factor in, it’ll be really hard to know…

I know no one will give a damn what I say but this is me venting and being relieved that Early Access is 10 days away!


Moving the NA datacenter & why it matters to EU players

I’m going to have a bit of a mutter about server moves.
Firstly, I hope that by SE moving the FFXIV NA servers from Canadian East to somewhere else, it won’t have an enormous effect on my ping. If it’s the West coast (which I think is the most likely) then it could impact my ability to play the game. However the game is designed to be played with up to a 200ms ping. Currently I ping 80-90 from the UK. I pinged a League of Legends server on the West coast when I heard about this and my ping went up to 142. So, hopefully it will all be fine in the worst case scenario.


How did I end up (as an EU player) on an NA server? Well. I played FFXI (SE’s earlier MMO) for many years. I met a lot of NA players. The guilds (linkshells) I ran were mixed NA and EU. So events were scheduled with both EST and UK players in mind. Anyone either side of those had to adapt a little. Einherjar at 09:00 PST on Sundays for some players was a reality.

When FFXIV was rereleased, a lot of my former friends from FFXI and I banded together to start a new group. Again, a mixed group. At this point I did consider whether to start on an EU-slanted server (Chaos data center) but as there was no physical difference in location and many of the players in the group only speak English, we decided to form on an NA server. As the servers were on the East coast, the UK players in the group didn’t suffer too badly.

What you may not know or remember is that FFXI servers were all global. So players from around the world were muddled together. Whilst this did cause a few problems, on the whole it was remarkably successful. This meant that you could meet players from anywhere – and I absolutely loved it.


So if you’ve played a game from 2004, with friends who in some cases you’ve known since the beginning and many who you’ve known for over 10 years and you see a second chance to team up, you’re not going to want to break the group up. I’ve met quite a few of these players in real life when I visited the US or met up in the UK. We’ve also collected some great friends along the way inside FFXIV itself.

So yes, I accept I made the choice to roll on an NA server because a greater portion of the group were NA and initially we’d decided to go to Gilgamesh where many of the forum groups were going. However we moved to another server on the same datacenter because we couldn’t get everyone into Gilgamesh.

If the ping becomes a nightmare and makes the game difficult to play, I then have to face a decision I’m reluctant to make. Do I (as leader of an FC, with a medium house in Ward 1 Mist, 4 airships, friends on the server) lose a group of friends and a great setup on Siren to play on EU servers where my ping is 5ms?

YoshiP knows that there are a wide range of reasons people play on NA servers – many of them social. He understands the situation better than some NA players. Many of which haven’t been playing since the beginning when there was no physical difference in data center location. When Chaos moved, NA folks were given free transfers off. Will EU players be given free transfers off the NA one?

Here’s hoping it’s all a storm in a teacup and actually it makes little difference. However, friends further West into Europe may have an even harder time than me.

Plans before Stormblood: changing Grand Companies for achievements

I’ve been trying to catch up on a few things in game I’d always planned to do but never gotten around to.  I recently completed my 200 Feast wins for my Gloria Airship and I’m left with a handful of things I want to do before Stormblood.


The first is to finish up all my jobs to 60. All I have left to finish now is Monk. I don’t enjoy playing melee DPS very much so both DRG and MNK have been a struggle but I’m 53 now and that will be over soon. It will mean I can finish the final GARO achievement, making me a Makai Master.

I need to finish up my SCH anima weapon, I’ve cleared 8 runes without much effort. I’ve not tried to farm lights at all as I’ve been focused on GARO and PvP achievements in the Feast. I have a WHM weapon at the light stage too so once SCH is done I’ll probably focus on getting that one done more quickly.

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a while is change Grand Companies. There are a number of achievements (and minions!) available which you can’t get if you stick with one GC. I know we’ll likely go up more ranks in the next expansion but I figured I’d see how hard it was to cap out in the other two. Read More…

Patch 3.55b Diadem update

So, I just queued and went into the new Diadem! I did this from Ishgard rather than from the FC Company workshop and I went into the fighting (Trials of the Fury), rather than gathering one.

  • You don’t need to unlock flying
  • Mobs seem to deaggro
  • You need to click on Aetherial gaps to transition between parts of the map – e.g. into caves or to another level
  • There are tons and tons of FATEs
  • There is a primary and then secondary mission – completing your primary gets you locked boxes and this is where you find random i265 gear.
  • We didn’t get the weather but Emergency FATE(s) pop and there is a new NPC which tells you about it on the vendor island
  • It looks like 40 damaged boxes = 1 undamaged and you can get them appraised.
  • Here’s a bunch of images!

Notes from the FFXIV EU fanfest keynote 2017

  • Samurai confirmed as second new job. Only two jobs for this expansion and both are DPS. SAM armour grouped with MNK. Main weapon Katana. IAI and other Far Eastern techniques. Heavy melee DPS. Art of Sen. Three forces Setsu, Getsu and Ka (Snow, Moon and flower).
  • Like RDM, will start at level 50. Quest will start in Eorzea
  • First we battle Imperials/Ala Mhigo then head further East to Othard (Far East continent)
  • New gear/crafted items
  • New city – Kurogane. Far Eastern port town on isolationist Island chain of Hingashi. Only place which welcomes/trades with other nations
  • Othard field areas mentioned.
  • The Ruby Sea, exclusive, rife with Pirate activity, connected to Kurogane and one of the first new areas we’ll encounter
  • New beast tribe: the Kojin. Turtle/tortoise like. Found in and around the Ruby Sea. Underwater settlements. Collectors of items which house powerful Kami.
  • New Primal: Lord of Revel – Susano. ‘Ruler of the Ruby Sea’
  • Multiple new dungeons, one was channelling Arrapago Ghost ship feels
  • Yanxia: second city to liberate will be found here. Controlled by Garlean Empire.
  • Azim Steppe: plains area. Absolutely stunning. Au Ri reside here
  • Dev footage showed some areas where there were rice etc
  • 4th Residential area: Shirogane. Will be released some time after Stormblood release.
  • Moving will be possible
  • Housing furnishing capacity will be doubled for all sizes
  • Theme tune will have usual Susan Calloway

Mexi’s Amateur Guide to PVP for those doing the GARO event

I am absolutely NOT an expert at all modes of PvP in FFXIV and I do welcome constructive feedback. I have PvP’d a lot in SWTOR and Neverwinter as well as a bit in Guildwars 2. However in FFXIV, I am only rank 41 and I took a huge break until the recent GARO event.

While collecting my mounts, I worked out quite a few things and asked a lot of questions. Thought it might be useful to add this knowledge to a post here.

The truth about Healers and PvP

Read More…