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Well I haven’t blogged for FFXI really because I run two websites which keep me kinda busy. and That’s because I’m the leader of both shells. Have to say though that Doyler owns and runs the Seren forums for us, I’m just an admin. A lot of the stuff we do gets posted up there though.

For the peeps reading this (if anyone ends up doing so) I’m a 75 Hume WHM, BRD, BLM, SMN and SCH on the Alexander Server. I love mage jobs but WHM is my love.

Nyzul Isle is getting me down. In theory it’s an awesome event and our static is great but for some reason the last few sessions haven’t felt fantastic. I’m happy with the static but honestly it hasn’t felt comfy for a while. I think it’s the combination of Niamh being away for a while, being stressed IRL with work issues and being so much higher. Floors 80+ start to wear you down. Sometimes you sail through them but the kill all floors are a bitch. I catch myself hoping for lamp floors. Enemy leader, specified enemy and lamps are the best you can hope for aside from a rare freebie.

I kinda lost it in Sea a couple of weeks back. A few months ago we popped Ix’MNK. This has mainly been something that Firi and I have been working. Firi is ace, a great BLM and a good friend. in fact to be honest all our BLMs are pretty nice people. We happened to get a cape on our first or second kill and  a bunch of us lotted and I won. Unfortunately it’s the only time we’ve seen one. Firi, Jazzy, Rotx and I have popped loads and loads and loads of MNKs and it just won’t drop.

Well we screwed up a 3 organ pop the other week and I lost it. I like soloing in sea and so I’ve supplied most of the HQ organs for our attempts although both Firi and Rotx have been out duoing/trioing too. I really can’t handle the freaking hassle this NM is. So I’m taking a break but we’ll be back no doubt.

I think there are a few things that are getting on top of me like that. I’m really enjoying dynamis though, I think I’m just a bit worn out IRL and it makes some things in game seem hard work.

I love my COR, even though it’s only 41. Quickdraw is fun and it’s nice to level a job that is at least encouraged to do some damage. RNG sub is a hassle but it’s worth it. Mine is only 24 right now but I will get it to 37 just because it’s so nice for COR. Even if I spend half my life /NIN or /WHM. I hate pulling on COR although mebbe that will get better now I have QD. I prolly need to work on my Agility build for QD a bit but I quested my af gun and grabbed an alacrity ring so that will help.

With the release of SCH merits I’ve started putting some into there. I actually have more group 2 than group 1 merits for SCH right now. I really need to finish BLM merits but the SCH JA looked interesting and I love my SCH. It overtook my RDM which is 63 because frankly so far RDM is tediously easy and monotonous in xp. I know it’s a useful job but I have loads of those.  No doubt one day it’ll crawl to 75 but until then I’d rather have SCH.

I really want to upgrade my af for sch. Almost all of it looks worth doing. SCH relic looks nice, although the ugly socks are still ugly. I’d like the body and hands especially but all of it has its uses. So far we don’t have many SCH in my dyna shell so I shall hang on to BLM main for now. If I need to later I’ll switch to SCH.I’m kinda weirded how pervy some peeps get about SCH relic on female chars. I think it’s ugly. I don’t mind the body/skirt but the shoes and the hat are ewww.

Not sure I can talk as WHM gear isn’t that hawt. Nashira helps brighten it up, but most (not all) of that is used more on BLM.

Gear wise I think the thing I want the most in general is a Goliard Chapeau. I want the whole set of course, I’m 3/5 so far. I know we will all end up with the pieces we want eventually – just seem to waste so much time in our runs recently. Hope a break away from it makes it better. Doesn’t help that I’m the one with the levelled disk, we started before the changes. Guilty isn’t the right word, after all I’m the one who had level 20 saved, no one else but I feel awkward that the melee guys don’t yet have or are close to having runic keys so they can unlock their WS. Mystic boon rocks though!

I have a BRD dagger and SCH & SMN staves to unlock. Still need SCH and want the COR one but I managed to lose it the other day because of random crystals. Totally my fault but irritating. My disk is now saved at 90 so hopefully we’ll get to the top next time. I’d like a Runic Key to store the weapons and just so we know it’s done. Then we can alternate farming for Nia’s askar hands and climb the lowbie disks until they drop. Then we can alternate bodies with climbs etc. It’s hard work spamming each boss floor until you get everyone’s drop but it’s very satisfying when you get them.

I suspect that a few of us have just been doing nothing but jumping from event to event together and like family, we all just get on each other’s nerves sometimes. I wouldn’t be without em though 🙂

A nice thing I did recently is make Rotx some of the new Argent gear. Nice for skillup and nice for him.

Rotx in Argent

Got to admit that’s kinda cute 🙂 Even if his char looks 15 😀


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