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Well I logged back in to find that my earlier post that I seemed to lose was available as a draft. So I posted it up today but it’s from about 3 weeks ago. So here’s a recent update.

On Sunday we did Fortitude. I knew he couldn’t be that bad because he’s duoable possibly soloable if you can isolate him from his adds. However my guys have not as a group done much Sea at all so we went out with anyone who was interested and learnt how to find/pop/kill him.

I was seriously expecting something a little tougher from the adds but they were down in record time. Some peeps were a bit frustrated that he took little damage from melee attacks but most were pre-warned and so adjusted well. We killed three pops in the end and got some virtues and some axes for peeps to play with. We had 15 people and it was serious overkill but we enjoyed it and it was good to do something different.  There is now some interest in farming up more pops and doing some more Ix’DRK so we can move on to the next torque peeps are drooliing over. Reminds me, I should stick the spreadsheet up with who is attending. Will prompt peeps to come along if they want stuff.

We had a good shot at Ouryu. Unfortunately we didn’t get him down in time, losing at 9%. I was both pleased and frustrated as all hell. Both of our tanks had decent Earth resist sets and with a crumhorned BRD and my max barspell set (127) they took little damage. Clevan realised he messed up his macro for his belt slot which mean he missed out 20 resist for most of the fight but he and Doyler held hate well and didn’t get too battered. Ath was really on the ball which helped as I ended up throwing cures at the BLMs a lot.

We fell down on add management I think. I think we can leave things a lot longer before pwning them. Elementals were being slept 5 times and then nuked down which was ok but I wonder if necessary. Worms tho we didn’t get right.

Our BLMs were a mixed bunch, we had two well geared, well thought out sets which hit 321/120, two pretty well geared who hit close and one who didn’t. It really showed up during the fight and we may switch around who does what. My problem is I wanted to be on the frontline in terms of WHM and nuking at the same time! I can hit 320/120 on BLM with only 6 merits easily on Ice and just about for everything else. When I get my relic Hat from Dynamis things will be simple. My aim then will be 330/120.

I’d say that we needed one less melee (didn’t have many), one more support and a stronger 5th BLM. Nothing that time/merits/job changes can’t change and I’m fairly confident that Ouryu will end up being something we farm regularly. Not sure we can dea with Baha v 2 yet lol…

I’m getting a bit frustrated with some attitudes to gear. Just because you level a new job doesn’t mean other people cease to exist. I am one of the more obsessive about gear and yet in the end practicalities and other people’s contributions and needs to balance that out. So when someone levels a new job and talks about all the gear they ‘need’ for it, which would take away from exisiting and longer term players, I find it irritating. It’s a very blinkered view. And gear doesn’t magically transform you into a godly player… I find it sad that some players I know think that by having good gear it means they’re a good player. And if your skills are gimped, then seriously – reconsider what you’re doing when playing a role. No one at 70+ should have double digit skill for one of the things that role is supposed to perform.

Our last Omega was nice, body, hands and head. Still need to see more legs and feet. We’re working on an Ultima pop as I feel our mages have been let down a bit recently and need a bit of linkshell lovin’. We were doing 2 Omegas to every Ultima but I’m trying to correct that a bit.

Dynamis is going really well at the moment and I’m really enjoying it. We’ve been back to the cities to bolster the profit share a bit as we had a couple of break even / loss runs. Our last Xarc was breakeven and Bubu was impromptu and a loss. However a good Bastok and Sandy and we’re back up to good money for this 4-week session. So another run in Bubu this week won’t really matter. Aim is to get Aitvaras, Koschei, Stollenwurm, Tarasca and the Quad NM down as well as the Boss in 30 mins and then farm for 90.  Was surprised how fast people responded last time so we’re looking good for a range of Bubu clears this week.

We’ve decided to use Nova for Einherjar now. A few of us want the ampoule items if nothing else and we know we can at least farm efficiently. Realistically I’ve no idea whether we have the skill/focus to get to Odin but I want to give it a shot. I figure that as most of the group is now used to working together we have as good a shot as anyone. I’m more worried about some of the bosses in wings 2 and 3 than wing 1. I just hope the guys have the staying power.

Nyzul Isle is going exceptionally well. Doyler is now 5/5 Denali and I have my Goliard Chapeau! I”m still tweaking my gear sets to make good use of it and I already have a lot of nice headpieces for my jobs but it’s something I thought I’d never get and now I have it. I have uses for it on several jobs. I really want the Goliard Saio now for my haste setups. It would counter some MP loss and I think be a superb piece for RDM once it gets up there.  Not as sure that I’d use it now on SCH as I have an argute body (and pants!) but I’m sure it’d find a use somewhere, probably in a -emn set. It’s funny how things work out, I regularly use my Hydra Brais from my old dyna shell in my cure macros for SCH, -6 EMN on my leg slot is freaking awesome.

I think I’m going to write a WHM post and a gear post in a bit. TTFN


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