I’m a career mage. To be honest I’d say I was a career WHM, with BLM, SCH, BRD and SMN all things I do for a break. I am smitten with SCH at the moment, BLM is more fun now I’m well geared and BRD I just love to merit with. SMN is for alone time and Kirins lol. As an aside I’m also slowly levelling RDM which is 65 and tedious and COR which is 47, fun but expensive.

WHM was my first job to 75. I have BLM, SMN, SCH and NIN subs for it. I now rarely use anything other than /SCH like any other WHM who has bothered with the sub. I should point out I am a Hume.

Relevant Merits:

8/8 MP
4/8 Enhancing Magic
6/8 Enfeebling Magic
(I also have 6/8 Elemental merits for my BLM)

5/5 Cure Casting time
5/5 Barspells

5/5 Shellra V
3/5 Devotion
1/5 Protectra V
1/5 Martyr

Gear I actively use:

  • Head: Goliard Chapeau, Walahra Turban, Healer’s Cap +1, Zenith Crown
  • Body: Aristocrat’s Coat, Blessed Briault, Nashira Manteel, Healer’s Briault +1, Cleric’s Briault, Yigit Gomlek, Goliard Saio
  • Hands: Blessed Mitts, Cleric’s Mitts, Goliard Cuffs, Zenith Mitts
  • Legs: Blessed Trousers, Cleric’s pantaloons, Healer’s pantaloons, Yigit seraweels, Nashira Seraweels, Zenith Slacks
  • Feet: Blessed Pumps +1, Cleric’s Duckbills, Goliard Clogs
  • Ammo: Hedgehog Bomb
  • Ears: Novia Earring, Roundel Earring, Magnetic Earring, Relaxing Earring, Loquacious Earring, Augmenting Earring
  • Rings: Tamas, Troopers, Balrahn’s, Aqua
  • Waist: Hierach’s Belt, Swift Belt, Penitent’s Rope, Qiqirn sash +1
  • Back: Errant Cape, Lieutenant’s Cape, Prism Cape
  • Neck: Ajari Necklace, Grandiose chain, Enhancing Torque, Enfeebling Torque
  • Weapon: Dryad Staff, Pluto’s Staff, Apollo’s Staff, Aquilo’s Staff, Terra Staff, Auster’s Staff
  • Sub: Staff Strap, Raptor Strap +1

Gear I hope to obtain eventually:

  • Marduk’s Jubbah
  • Goliard Saio*
  • Blessed Mitts +1 *
  • Blessed Trousers +1 *
  • Cleric’s Pantaloons +1 *
  • Marduk Crackows*
  • Herald’s Gaiters
  • Omega Ring *
  • Vivian Ring
  • Star/Celestial Rings*
  • Star/Celestial Earrings*
  • Cleric’s Belt *
  • Morgana’s Choker*

The asterixed stuff is realistic, the rest is probably not or down to me working on acquiring serious gil, which whilst possible is pretty hard work. It helps that some of this stuff helps my other jobs and so I’d get a lot of use out of it.

Cure V Set

Head: AF+1
Neck: Ajari Necklace
Body: Aristocrat’s Coat
Hands: Blessed Mitts
Waist: Penitent’s Rope/Korin Obi
Back: Errant Cape
Legs: Blessed Trousers
Feet: Blessed +1 or Cure Clogs (depends)
Rings: Aqua + Tamas
Earrings: Novia + Roundel
Ammo: HH Bomb
Weapon: Apollo’s + Raptor Strap +1

Barspell Set

Head: AF+1
Neck: Enhancing Torque (+7 Enh)
Body: Blessed Briault
Hands: Blessed
Waist: Any
Back: Merciful Cape (+5 Enh)
Legs: Cleric’s Pantaloons (+20 Barspell)
Feet: Cleric’s Duckbills (+10? Enh)
Earrings: Novia + Augmenting (+3 Enh)
Ammo: HH Bomb
Weapon: Any

With 4 merits and /SCH I can hit 127 Barspell. +2 from Cleric’s Pantaloons +1 and 4 more merits would cap it at 131 but the merits are unlikely.

Enfeebling Set

Head: AF+1
Neck: Enfeebling Torque
Body: Healer’s Briault +1
Hands: Cleric’s Mitts
Waist: P rope
Back: Prism Cape/Errant Cape
Legs: Nashira Seraweels
Feet: Goliard Clogs
Earrings: Any
Ammo: HH Bomb
Weapon : Appropriate HQ Stave + Raptor Strap +1

WHM Standing

Eld's WHM Standing Gear


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