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So over the last week we did a few Optical hats and a couple ofJoyeuses. Nothing huge but useful for yet another generation of mages who decided to level some form of melee job. I’m glad that when my COR hits 70 I’ll have my Joytoy and O hat already. I felt bad, my Alchemy mule blew up Kuro’s cluster but Loklore let him have his as he’s mostly a RDM and his THF isn’t high enough to use yet. Must reschedule Lok’s hat soon

We did the Central Temenos with the ele’s this week and instead of faffing about we killed everything the way they popped. People decided after doing it they preferred the faffing 😉 We did walk out with more coins than usual but having been spammed with two hours the consensus was the running about was worth it. Straightforward win though and so now we have another Proto-Ultima Pop. Hoping for some nashira hands for Dzian, a body for Firi and legs possibly for Lok. Firi is more than overdue some drops at the moment and that body would be pimp for him.

Nyzul is going ok but we’re seriously hating frogs right now. The last few runs have seen them come out in force. For me I don’t know whether I hate Frogs more than Chariots… I positively welcome Soulflayers in comparison.

Rotx got a Goliard body. He’s down for Askar but he can at least use it. He lotted it, wondering why until he macroed it into his dark magic macros on BLM and now is in love with it. Haste gear ftw! Also has future use for his RDM or WHM both of which he has considered recently.

Nia’s WHM is now 59 or 60 (depends on how well that party went last night). When we xp’d together (me on RDM) I called him on Skype and talked through a few things. He then adjusted his filters, changed chat colours and suddenly could see stuff hitting the party and missed a lot less. The change was phenomenal, we were both pleased. I cannot stress enough how good changing your chat colours is, and cutting down the spam in the log helps even more.

I’ve been levelling RDM. I want to level COR again but RDM is now more than halfway to 68 and it’s starting to seem like the end is in sight. Also I really don’t want to get caught playing RDM all the time for events, except maybe Dynamis. The thing is my BLM, SCH and WHM are all super useful, as is my BRD. Hoping Azgaile being around will mean we can switch jobs about more, especially as Ath isn’t able to make it to much.

Dynamis was fun. We completely owned Buburimu on our second trip there. Our first run was ok but not a win. We’d been waiting to go into Xarc, had the zone jacked from us and the guys couldn’t face a city. They voted to go to Bubu without any real plan and we did ok, but didn’t pull the Bene NM and it screwed us. This time it went so smoothly, everyone knew how it worked and we ended up with a nice chunk of time farming. Walked away with 16 armour drops! Killing normal mobs netted sick drops and we saw one dark cape. Best part was prolly this

Bubu Boss Drops

Which made this sessions payouts very nice!

I’m still shuffling gear and macros around for RDM, I can’t wait to ding into it all. My merits help a fair bit already. Once RDM is out the way, or when I’ve had enough, I’ll go back to COR.

Doyler and I went back to ENMs. We did ‘Like the Wind’ and grabbed Jero and Aijaz for ‘Brothers’. LtW netted us a galateia and some Wagh Bagnaks and Brothers dropped 2 (!) Scouter’s ropes. So nice xp and some gil, as well as a skillup chance for my Cloth.

Freaking Golden-Tongued Culberry didn’t put out but at least I’ve used the last of the pops Kuci sold me before she left. Now I’ve decided I do want a pendant to keep, the freaking NM won’t put out. I could buy it and I might, it kinda serves me right for selling it every time I want gil for something.

Nyzul Isle tonight, prolly some hands and bodies, to keep the points spend down until Firi gets back and we climb their disks. I’m the only one with a Runic Key. Once he gets back, we’ll prolly switch over to climbing more and farming on their disks.


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