I hate WHMs who cast in Cleric’s Pantaloons

A long time ago (2006) I wrote a post about some tests I did comparing WHM gear. Mostly fueled by my irritation that no one really knew or had bothered to write about it. Yesterday I revisited that post because I’m sick of seeing WHMs curing in Cleric’s Pantaloons.

Things you should know

I have capped base healing magic skill of 276, no merits.
I am hume 75 with unmerited base MND of 69 with a BLM sub.
I did all of these tests naked with no gear on except that specified.
I did testing on neutral days and darksday to get an idea of normal and reduced cure values.
I have tested healer’s mitts, blessed mitts, healers mitts + cleric pantaloons, blessed mitts + Blessed pants. Any tests using Healer’s Mitts +1 were done by Bayan of Bahamut with the same base stats.


Cure I: any combination of gear raises our base from 32 to 33 but there’s no difference in value between the different gear combos so you should focus on the other stats the gear offers you. Cleric’s Pantaloons fail at this point.

Cure III: any combination of hands and legs will give you a base cure value so you should focus on the other stats the gear offers you. Cleric’s Pantaloons fail at this point.

Cure V:

To maximise potency you should use Healers Mitts +1 and Blessed Trousers +1. You would use Blessed Trousers +1 for the same MND and –EMN as Jet Seraweels but Blessed +1 have more MP and some haste which Jet don’t have. NQ Blessed Trousers are also excellent.

You should not cast Cure V in Cleric’s Pantaloons because you lose MP, -EMN and Haste from not wearing a NQ pair of Blessed Pants.

If you do use the Healers Mitts +1 you will lose 5% Haste from dropping Blessed hands but gain 1 –EMN and 15 Healing magic skill.

Healer’s Mitts +1 and Blessed Trousers +1 give you 14 MND, 45 MP, 4% Haste and -10 EMN plus 15 Healing Magic Skill
Blessed Mitts +1 and Blessed Trousers +1 give you 15 MND, 48 MP, 10% Haste and -10 EMN

So it comes down to 1 MND, 3 MP, 6% Haste v 15 Healing Magic Skill
on Cure V

Personally: I won’t be upgrading my Healer’s Mitts until Healing Magic has a greater impact on the healing arts. I concede that Healer’s Mitts +1 will give you a higher Cure V value but I’m not willing to lose the other stats on Blessed.

I use the Haste on my Mitts and Pants to cut down recast timers for Erase/Haste/Cures/Curagas/~na spells. I could squeeze out a couple more points on Cure V only using Healer’s Mitts +1 but I feel I lose out too much elsewhere

Ideally I would move to Blessed Mitts +1 and Blessed Pants +1 but you will never see me cast cures in Cleric’s pantaloons or even Healer’s Mitts +1 until they make Healing Magic more important than Haste.


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