Shell Stuff: don’t run one!

Well I have to say I feel like I’ve let people down a bit because I’ve been a bit distracted by personal stuff this last week. I had to deal with a difficult situation online with two (former) members of the shell. They’re nice people but a minor situation and the way it was handled by me and the person involved evolved into a headache. I’ll be honest, my mood recently hasn’t helped but neither did the attitude I got back. I also don’t treat couples as amorphous entities but as two individuals. I do understand that if you upset one, you upset both and sometimes that causes more headaches than it’s worth.

The issue for me comes around loyalty. The reason Seren is such a tightknit community which people on the whole enjoy being a part of; and the reason that the shell is over four years old is that we don’t tolerate shellhopping. I’m sure some members of the shell have at least one or two other pearls but on the whole if you’re online, I expect you to be on Serendipity. You don’t have to do everything you want to do with us, everyone has friends elsewhere but I’m not interested in people who jump event to event in a different shell and have the loyalty of an alley-cat.

This isn’t really what was happening above, but in most situations when someone jumps off shell for any amount of time, there’s a problem. For some reason even if I ask people to bring their issues to me, they don’t often and I’m stuck with having to be psychic. I know a few people like to hang out on Nova (our sister pearl) for peace and quiet and occasionally just pearl-less for a couple of hours. I’ve done it myself.

However, whilst not perfect, the atmosphere and success of the shell is down to participation and communication between members old and new. We’ve have some people who have been there for four years and others who have been there for four months. On the whole, they’re there because it suits them. We’ve had new members join who feel like they’ve been there forever, it was exactly that way with Kazgoroth and Dru, and even now I forget they weren’t there at the start.

We make two real exceptions, if people join us with pre-existing sky shells and if people can’t make our dynamis runs we have no problem with them attending another shell’s runs, as long as it doesn’t constantly conflict with Seren’s main events.

In my experience the following has been proven to be true:

  • Everyone has issues with the way things are done, or someone else at some point
  • Resolving these issues is usually a case of improving communication
  • You can tell who will stay and who will leave a shell within a very short time
  • People are nicer to each other if they hang out together doing little things
  • What people say and what they do, are two different things
  • You can rarely if ever get scheduling right because people want different levels of commitment to the game
  • Thank god for smaller low man events like assault, nyzul isle and salvage
  • People don’t use the forums, even though it would help everyone if they did
  • Pre planning is a godsend for everyone, but hard to do if people don’t use the forums
  • People take scheduling really personally but won’t participate in making it easier
  • People like a lot of ideas but don’t like committing to the practicalities

I’m having a real headache at the moment with Dynamis and Einherjar. I would love to be able to pre-plan runs and only deal with last minute changes. I would love to assign people a role and have them ready and geared to go rather than the last minute reshuffle that we’re currently dealing with. With the number of jobs people have last minute changes can cause real headaches and I hate making people change jobs minutes before runs because others have let us down at the last minute.

I’m looking into the practicalities of enforcing sign ups so we can plan ahead of time. To do this I need the following:

  • People to use and be able to use, the forum or to message officers
  • People to sign up to events
  • People to let us know when they can’t make events more than 60 minutes before it happens

When I work out how to make people observe common courtesy, then I’ll organise your party setups.  Until then, yell at the random RDM, BRD or WHM who didn’t make it this week and not me.


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One Comment on “Shell Stuff: don’t run one!”

  1. Audeas
    February 26, 2009 at 21:38 #

    Very insightful… and true. Party assignments would bring speed, clarity and allow small team cohesion. I do not know about the Dynamis side, but hopefully as the Einherjar side gets a feel, you will be able to tell who will be dedicated & steady and be able to form some of those parties on a semi-permanent basis.


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