Morning World. RDM Progress

Life is a little easier this week, which is good. I wouldn’t say everything was resolved but bringing things out into the open helped me a lot. Hopefully in a while more stuff will get resolved.

That’s enough of being cryptic, let’s talk about fun things! Last night I dinged 71 RDM. Thanks to the very patient ls party who came with me to do Alz. Udr. Ruins > Caerdarva Mire imps. Loads of people were there taking pictures of Soulflayers which helped. We capped to 70 and got very nice xp. I had a double xp band session, so I was getting up to 485 per kill at times.

Was nice to ding into my Prism cape and now I have access to Hierach’s for max mp/convert. I can also use my obis again, should I need to. I’m thinking more Korin than anything else.

I need to hit 72 and 73. At these points my invent will be vastly relieved of extra mid level gear. I have full Yigit, Goliard and Nashira to ding into as well as an errant body and mahatma slops. This is all down to me being a career mage from day 1. My healing set should be exceptional, as I have a ton of –EMN etc.

  • Proposed Curing Set for RDM
  • Apollo’s Staff
  • Staff Strap
  • Goliard Chapeau or AF hat
  • Goliard Saio
  • Promise Badge
  • Zenith Mitts
  • P rope/Hierach’s Belt
  • Zenith Slacks
  • Errant Cape
  • Novia/Roundel Earrings (god I love these!)
  • HH Bomb
  • Goliard Clogs
  • Tamas Ring
  • Trooper’s Ring

One thing I’ve noticed is how little –EMN gear RDMs get until later on and how much I miss it. It’s perfectly possible to manage without it but when you don’t have Cure V and Cure III doesn’t cut it, it’s pretty bad to say Blind/Dispel/Cure on Imps with Amnesia flying. Wasn’t a problem but I pull hate more than I should, even with a Troopers. And Regen I doesn’t cut it.

  • MND enfeebles
  • HQ stave + raptor strap +1? Wand + Shield?
  • Head – dunno, Goliard/Nashira/Yigit all look good
  • AF body/Errant
  • Mahatma Slops
  • Enfeebling Torque / Promise Badge
  • Yigit gages/Goliard Cuffs
  • P rope
  • Mahatma Slopes/Nashira Seraweels
  • Prism Cape
  • Earrings – prolly MP, maybe geist/communion (one day)
  • HH Bomb
  • Goliard Clogs
  • Tamas Ring
  • Aqua or Balrahns?
  • INT enfeebles / sleeps
  • HQ Stave + Bugard +1
  • Nashira Turban
  • AF Body
  • Mahatma Slops
  • Enfeebling Torque
  • Goliard Cuffs
  • P Rope
  • Mahatma Slops/Nashira Seraweels
  • Prism Cape
  • Phantom/Magnetc Earrings
  • Phantom Tathlum
  • Goliard Clogs
  • Tamas Ring
  • Snow or Balrahns
  • Nuking
  • HQ Staves
  • AF hat
  • Elemental torque
  • Errant Body
  • Goliard Cuffs/ Zenith Mitts
  • P rope
  • Mahatma Slops
  • Prism cape
  • Yigit Crackows/Goliard Clogs
  • Tamas /Snow
  • Moldy/Magnetic
  • Phantom Tathlum
  • Convert

Not really got a feel for how much gear I need for this yet, waiting til I hit zenith. Pieces I have which could be used are:

  • Zenith Crown
  • Zenith Mitts
  • Zenith Pants
  • Astral Aspis
  • Hierach’s Belt
  • Ether Ring
  • Loquacious Earring
  • Magnetic Earring
  • HH Bomb
  • Errant Cape
  • Goliard Saio

    I’m sure other stuff will be useful, just I figure I should have it covered with the zenith in most cases. Until I hit those levels it’s hard to try out. I have 8 MP merits and no HP merits. I haven’t really messed around with Convert yet as I have so much gear to ding into. The best I’ve done is borrow a friend’s Serket. Blue Cotehardie is another option I guess.

    So I’m confused as to how much I need skill for my enfeebles and how much I should pump up potency. I suppose it’s a case of keep lowering the skill and upping the potency. I’m more worried about this with MND and I suspect I’d be better off investing in a wand + shield combo for my MND enfeebles as I have access to a lot of skill/Macc. Input greatfully received.

    On WHM and BLM I pump up my skill, but RDM base skill + the 6 merits I have already may give me greater flexibility on most of the stuff I use RDM for.

    Just need to finish BLM and SMN relic sets off so I can store them and have SE let us store Goliard and Nashira >.>

    Yes, I have good gear. I’m unlikely to get RDM relic and frankly I don’t want to take any away from players who will use it more than me. I’ll probably end up playing RDM more than I hoped but less than I am scared of and WHM will always be my one true love.

    Pieces I’d like to get for several of my jobs include Morgana’s choker (slowly gaining ampoules) and Omega Ring. One day I’d like to be in a position to get a Novio but there are other people who should get this earring before I get a look in, if we ever manage to take down JoL.


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