Weekly events update

So aside from levelling RDM what have I been doing?

Well dinged my RNG into Noct again. So once RDM is done I can work on my COR. I think I’m about 90% decided that I don’t want to level anything else after COR. I need a lot of merits already and I don’t see the point in being gimp at 75. I’m probably never going to cap all my jobs but the further I get from mages, the worse they will be. COR I can easily merit sword/dagger/marksmanship for and these will help RDM and BRD as well.

Last night we did Nyzul Isle. The chaps got their disks to 60, which is frankly awesome. Ironically we saw a pair of Askar hands drop which took us months to farm when we needed them for Niamh. Altho in all honesty I’d have been more surprised if they hadn’t dropped, SE loves irony. Rotx won them and so now he’s lending his dusk gloves to Jero and running faster. Or something.

We tried farming for bodies but no luck. Unwanted weapon drops only. Still level 60 is great progress and the guys are already down to less than 1800 WS points needed. If we do at least 2 climbs a week, preferably more, we can then farm on other disks. I’m hoping we can get them up to 75 within the week. I’m sure they are too!

We need a Goliard Saio for Firi, and Askar bodies for Erestor and Rotx. Then we need Askar hats for Niamh, Erestor, Rotx and a Goliard Chapeau for Firi. Then we’re officially done I think (maybe need one pair of legs) with the pieces we agreed to get. After that I think we may mix in some normal assaults with some occasional farming. On a personal level the only other item I really want is Denali Kecks. Be nice having 6 runic keys to add to the ls pool for farming.

Dynamis was good to us. We managed to get Xarc with no real fuss this week which is unusual. I didn’t even have to random! I wasn’t at my best or most focused but we managed to nuke down all the eyes for the NMs, get to the extra time and eye wall. We decided not to try the eye wall this week and farm. After that things got a bit sloppier but we walked away with some amazing drops. Nuitari finally got something, his THF hands! Mithradee got our first RDM hat, Firi his BLM hat, Clevan NIN tekko and the new guy Blyght got MNK head to complete his personal 5/5 on MNK! So THF, RDM, BLM, NIN and MNK. Money drops were crap but it wasn’t a loss and it was so nice to see those drops.

We beat Proto-Omega with lower numbers than usual. It wasn’t as secure a fight as usual, but we got him down and saw two pairs of feet drop. Legs are probably our most desired drop now but feet have not been seen for ages. Josiey finally got hers and Rotx was lucky enough to pick up the second pair. The NA limbus farming group are doing well and have half an Omega pop already. Ack, I’ve just remembered that I have a set of AF+1 pieces for RDM – more freaking gear decisions!

Einherjar wasn’t as smooth as the week before and we timed out on the Boss with him at around 10%. I wasn’t as focused as usual this week and I let us enter without a RDM/DRK and far too few people had poison. So the Morbol got the better of us but I doubt he will again. For our second run it wasn’t bad, but Ere will now make sure we stick to the checklist we’ve developed and help to organise the BRDs a little better. Still 960 ampoules and a near win wasn’t bad. I just know we need to learn fast and fly through these because Wing II & III are harder. So far our BRD rotations are just for the Bosses but as people get more confident doing them, we’ll move to full BRD rotations. Think we’ll scatter the BLMs throughout the parties and not have them in parties of their own. Seems no real benefit to separating them out right now.

We have a Kirin coming up this Sunday. Still no cuisses as yet, once we see a pair we’re going to try zerging him down. Could do with seeing some more heca too. I’d like to see an Osode drop so I can give Nia his back but I can deal. Soon we’ll have osodes being lotted amongst several peeps which will be nice. We’re moving towards doing Sky in a slightly different way, something I need to post up about as people are pretty bored with it but some still need drops.

That’s all folks, more soon.


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