Progress with RDM: or how we spent a night with idiots

Thanks to the lovely guys in my shell, my RDM dinged 72 last night. We small manned a farming run in Temenos North and went from there to xp. The middle bird camp was free, and we were WAR, WAR, SAM, DRG, BRD, RDM. I was a bit worried that my MP wouldn’t hold out. Well I had been until Pharm told me I had more MP at 71 than his elvaan did at 75.

I managed to haste everyone, keep MP going and started relaxing until two things happened.

Firstly a few people started showing up and hanging around the middle camp and then our BRD dc’d. What became very apparent was that they were geared up just to steal camps. . And try to steal it they did. We went from 22ish k an hr to 12. But I won’t be bullied by dickheads who’d obviously seen my level and decided that we were fair game. Have to say, the guys were fantastic. The COR we couldn’t beat but the rest of them we did… a friend came out on BRD for an hour or so and we pushed up our xp back to about 15k /hr while they continued to be dicks.

On the lower camp, I suppose I could kinda see it but even there a good party empties the place out. They were stealing mobs from the bottom too and generally making themselves popular. Before they finally left, we pulled a few MMJ, we were voking their slept mobs as they turned yellow and generally doing ok. Their parting shot was to make comments about needing a new RDM soon as they saw us with several mobs and a dead war. Unfortunately I didn’t do them the service of dying and kept my party going. Yes, I was 71 RDM on the can but inside the can I have years of WHM, BRD, SMN, SCH and BLM backing me up. So if you think I’m caving in so easily, you had a shock coming. It kept us awake for a while I suppose.

Funny thing is, they drew our party out by an hour, we were there for my level and would have done it in 30 mins more but they had to just be dicks. Those few names will get remembered, I associate some of them with some of the shittier end of endgame anyway. Will the guys who bugged us last night give a crap? No.

I’m still smugly remembering the dick who tried to kill our tank/party with Thundaga III when fighting Xolotl. Small and petty things but when he sent me a begging tell a year or so later asking me to tele out and raise him or his mule or something in the desert I took great pleasure in turning him down and telling him why. He threw quite a tantrum.

I’m just glad the guys stuck with me, so we could finish a few merits and get my level – thank you. I fixed some of my macros, for some reason I’d commented stuff out. I also macroed in my hydra brais for Cure IV and Curaga II and it helped a ton. Nothing looked at me last night really. Now I have to rewrite a bunch of gear macros to include Mahatma slops, errant body and my yigit. Feels good to have a decent hMP set back at last. I’m not sure which af I want to upgrade for RDM. I have the mats and could do one this week. Probably hat or body. With my gear I’d prolly go hat first. Oh! Magnetic Earring too! Next level is where I really put together a decent vert set, what with zenith kicking in.

I was talking with my RDMs on shell last night, I was surprised that at least one of them just wasn’t that bothered about a decent curing set. Far as I see it, if I can have a good –EMN set for curing, it can only help. Especially if I’m generating a ton of enmity with enfeebles, sleeps etc. I should set up my stoneskin and phalanx stuff properly too, it’s a bit thrown together right now for RDM. The one place I’d like to try RDM out is in Dynamis on the front line. As I usually go BLM, I think I have a pretty good idea what’s involved.


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One Comment on “Progress with RDM: or how we spent a night with idiots”

  1. azgaile
    February 21, 2009 at 08:42 #

    who was that awesome leet bard that was helping get 22k an hour?i must meet him and learn his ways


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