RDM 73

So, aside from thinking too much about running events, we managed to ding my RDM to 73! I’m at the 40k tnl point which I know is probably 2 parties per level. It can be done in one, but that’s dependant on the camps and the stamina of my ls mates. Four of us grabbed a couple of random DDs and we did my 20k at Mamool Ja Staging Point. It was tough. I’ve loads of experience as a healer but I miss some of my WHM tools. Also I’d been with a BRD+COR party and at MMJSP I missed that extra fresh. After a while, other people left so we didn’t have to kill Skoffin, which sped things up a lot. And made it a lot easier to cope with. Dinging to 73 made a HUGE difference. After some macro tweaking I had access to a good convert set, a lot more MP, some more –EMN and my Roundel Earring. Being 5% more efficient on cures is absolute win.

I gained access to an Errant Cape, Roundel Earring, Zenith Slacks and Zenith Mitts (crown to if wanted but didn’t bother). Obviously my Prism Cape/Yigit/stat gear goes into my other macros sets. But as a pure RDM healer, I gained a lot by dinging 73. It was nice in terms of skillups too. Enfeebling uncapped around level 69 and enhancing a level or 2 later. So I’ve been playing catchup. Enfeebling isn’t too bad but even with spamming haste and fresh, enhancing is taking a while.

I just want RDM done and functional now. It’s a useful job to have even if it’s not my most enjoyable. BLM, NIN and WHM subs are done as is /SCH (but I doubt I’ll use) and DRK is level 26. Eventually I’ll get /DRK done.

RDM is a flexible job but my WHM/SCH probably beats it into the ground as a merit party healer these days. Even with the best gear and more experience. I miss my haste gear, I miss my regens (A LOT!) and I miss my cure casting time. RDM fast cast so far does not live up to that. I’m sure relic body helps enormously and I’m glad we’ve seen so many of them now. However, RDM has access to a lot of good gear and spells and I can see why they do make good meripo healers.

If I have to attend events as a RDM, I would expect to be responsible for enfeebling the mobs. To debuff mobs, to refresh party members and to contribute to the crowd control and curing. I would expect it to be a pretty hectic job but my part in it would be to juggle several roles. Depending on the situation and my party setup I would have to focus more or less on different aspects but should the situation demand it I know I could step up and keep things going. The ability to read a situation and assess what is needed from you right now is probably key for a RDM, just as it is with a WHM. Situational awareness is something that a lot of players lack. The best tanks I know are aware of where the mob(s) is and where the next crisis point might come from and they respond to changing situations in a drop of a hat. That’s what you need from a good RDM. He may have not merited much but Marathonman was really good at that and I’m glad that some of our RDMs really love and appreciate the job.

Still not as much fun as SCH and I’m looking forward to pottering upwards, considerably slower, on COR.


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