This week: RDM stalled

Online life is up and down. I’ve done a bit of campaign to stop me from losing my medal but have yet to find the enthusiasm to regain the highest one after switching back to Bastok [S]. I may give in and just keep it at this level until I see an update message. Not that that seems to be coming any time soon.

If my post seems a bit down it’s more because I lack energy this morning and have been irritated by small things rather than anything substantial.

My RDM is still 73, mostly because I can’t quite find the enthusiasm to finish it off. I’m about 20k to 74 and I will do it, just I really needed a break. It went from 60 something to 70 something very fast, it won’t bother anyone if I take a breather.

Nyzul Isle was good on Weds. The chaps now have their own disks saved at 80, as well as mine which has been 100 for a while. It makes it worth them working on their various weapon skills. I’ve only unlocked Mordant Rime and Mystic Boon, I have SCH, SMN and BLM weapons to work on. I also have the COR gun but obviously at 47 I can’t use it yet… I’ll pick up the RDM one when it drops again.

We netted a Denali body (Erestor) but didn’t see the Askar or Goliard we need. Still peeps seemed very happy with being close to 100. Depending on what we encounter next week, they may even get their runic keys.

I’m sort of sad that Nyzul is coming to an end, it’s been a great group event and we’ve been very successful. The most exciting drops have been 2 dryad staves (Nia, some random noob in Whitegate) and a Vali’s bow.

We’re hoping to take the static into assaults after this, and work on Captain rank/gear. It means we’ll have a few assault points floating around. I wonder if we might get back into Salvage. Realistically I won’t have the gil for a Morrigan’s body but parts of both the marduk and the morrigan sets are achievable. Dunno, Salvage wasn’t as much fun the last time we went, although I think our group would do well working together.

I’m nervous about Qufim tomorrow. I remember it being quite stressful. I’m considering taking SCH (dependant on BLM numbers) as I remember a lot of AoEs and I know the extra healing is nice. I am praying the ??? isn’t too hard to find and people are careful when looking for it. I’m not expecting to win, but I am going to push as hard as I can for us to try. There’s also a chance that WHM belt might drop. Considering Liquid never saw one of those drop and I have been 5/6 on WHM for a long time, I’d be happy to just see one in the pool. I’m points leader right now, so inevitably it won’t happen. I’d like the SCH belt as well but as ever you have to do this complicated juggling with points. To keep my exclusive BLM hat lotting right, I need to spend no more than 5 points in Qufim. Just cos I know I’m going away. Likelihood of my spending that much is pretty low though. Otherwise, if I spend 6 I’ll lot with Carp, any more than that and he’ll get his hat first. Not a disaster by any means as he spends a lot of time on BLM too so I may decide it’s worth it.  I do want WHM more than anything but really I just want us to get our heads around the zone. And there are some nice drops there for everyone.

Tav access for more people is key. It’s turning into a nice zone to farm and we can run that and a city farming run at the same time. Lots of interesting -1s, hydra gear and Ice gear there and a completely different zone. I’ve had access for a long time, as have quite a few others but a lot of Nova peeps need.

Sunday’s Einherjar I’m hoping that we finish our first Wing. It would be great if we can pull it off. I think we’ve had 1 of the easy bosses and 2 of the harder bosses for this wing. I know we need to be hitting harder and faster and tightening everything up but it’s fun and we’re making progress.

We may or may not get to do Ouryu on Sunday. First time we did him we got him down to 9% before running out of time. Some juggling, improved gear and meriting and I figure if we can get the BLM party solid enough we’ll do it. We started off too slowly and being too cautious with the adds. RNG and BLM damage was good on Ouryu eventually but it took a while for us to get a handle on the fight. I think we needed one more healer and one less melee. We welcomed a new BLM to the shell who seems well geared at least (/wave Zio), not sure who can make it on Sunday though.

Finally making progress on WoTG missions. Have to say this is entirely Rotx’ fault because my interest in these has not been high. It’s interesting and the cutscenes are great but really, I’m an old school fan of CoP (yeah shoot me) and nothing has compared to that for me since. I’m glad we’re doing it and I appreciate the /dragging through it. Going to get Mac and Doyler through ‘Fire in the Hole’ and have them caught up so we can move forward together.

More soon. Just don’t have much energy today. Might be meeting up with some of the shell in NYC again soon. Maybe as soon as the end of April. Kinda nervous but kinda looking forward to it.


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