First Qufim run for Nova – success!

Well I have to be honest and say I wasn’t expecting that! Straight through Qufim into a win on our first run. Yes, I knew what to expect and a few of us have access to Tav already but I was surprised. The guys were on form tonight.  The great thing is, even when we mess up as a team, everyone does their best to rectify it. I’m so proud of the shell right now for everything we’re achieving together.

Dynamis Qufim Interloper

Dynamis Qufim Interloper

We got lucky ish on the ??? and found it fast (thanks Dru!). We got the bats down fine and got to the first camp first. Kinda messed up the Kraken pull but dealt with it. The run through to Behemoth’s Dominion wasn’t smooth but only because people didn’t know exactly where we were going and the importance of running as soon as possible. Recovery from that was swift for most people though. We had some that we couldn’t get up asap so had to continue onwards. The Rocs were down very fast. We just nuked stats and killed the gobs. Mith managed to pull Suttung without aggroing the snolls. We didn’t kill him too smoothly, mob wasn’t taken back far enough and so people were running in. He got to stay up too long really and did a lot of damage along the way. We moved to Boss camp fast and recovered there. Everyone took on board that we had one shot at him before we timed out. Pull went off, Boss was grabbed. Again he wasn’t pulled far enough back, everyone hated freaking RNG and NIN mobs but at least he didn’t link with returning mobs. Melee threw everything at him, Mages nuking or staying well out of range and the two cs stunners worked together really well. So suddenly I was looking at his HP bar at around 20% and thinking ‘OMG’. I kept waiting for the AoE to kill everyone and was so, so proud when he just died.

I realise after a few years of people doing this zone (including me) that winning it might not seem impressive but I dont know of anyone who has gone straight through and won it first time like that. I’m sure people have. I remember peeps from other shells asking me how we beat Qufim when I was in Liquid, everyone was struggling with it.

So we had some time to recover and farm. We killed a ton of snolls and weapons. We saw two PUP capes (Eiden, Firi) and a SCH belt (Kuro). I lotted on the SCH belt but my heart is set on seeing the WHM belt to be honest and I hesitated. Argute belt is awesome and peeps urged me to lot but I think I’m going to be obsessed with Cleric’s for a while.

We saw two Cor-1 shoes and one pair of Cor shoes. Got a couple of pairs of BLM pants, including one for the new guy who didn’t have because we all did! Was nice to see a pair of SMN shoes for Mel too, they’re a nice piece to have. We walked out with 14 drops! We just broke even on money drops so payouts this session will be small but in terms of what we’ve achieved, it’s been incredible.

I think the thing I’m proudest of though is that as a group we’ve learnt to do this well together. From a bunch of peeps, many of who had not done dynamis we’ve turned into a solid group and that seems to be helping with getting Einherjar off the ground. Valkurm to come, which holds it’s own challenges (Fairy Ring… CC) but whether we do it first time or not, we will do it and Nova will be up farming Tav with the best of ’em!


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