Eat this Ouryu!

Monday morning. Well that was a busy weekend.

I’ve overdone it recently and am looking forward to a few days away from the screen. After our win in Qufim on Saturday it feels like it’s been non stop. That’s the only downside to being in a mixed timezone shell, all our big events are crammed into the weekend. I wish sometimes we could spread them out across the week a bit more.

Einherjar was ok but not great. Just our inexperience showing really. We killed all the normal mobs fast, although I don’t know why we had the entire pack of dogs on us at one point. Suspect a bad pull. They weren’t kept slept very well and half the shell seemed oblivious. Still we got them down and still in good enough shape for the boss.

The Boss was the marid. Although they caused some problems the Djigga weren’t actually too bad, the BLMs started rotating aga’s nicely. The Boss itself seemed to be fairly squishy but we did things the wrong way around and so even though we got him to 12% he cured himself back up to 30 something and we ran out of time. So now we know to rework things and save our CS stun and 2 hrs for the last part. All we’re doing right now is learning about each Boss’ foibles and doing it the hard way. Still, ampoules were won, experience gained and all that. Doubt he’d prove a hassle next time. The BRD rotation was good this time, so making people do this from day 1 is probably going to pay off.

After Einherjar, we went on to Ouryu. Or at least that’s what we thought we were going to, One of our guys had to go (BRD, WHM, NIN, THF, RDM) and one of our BLMs went AWOL. So we went from what looked like 5-6 solid BLMs and a good support network to 4 solid BLMs and an iffy support network. Eventually though peeps logged in/came back and we sorted it out and had Mith come BRD. I think he would have been better on RDM for that fight but we needed the BRD. I borrowed a friend and his friend. Or at least I thought I did. The friend-of-a-friend came with us, the friend dc’d in Riverne… So we had 5 BLMs in the end (Firi, Rotx, Carp, Ziodo, Dre) with one lost in the ether.

I know that we need decent nuking setups for this fight and I’m in the process of tweaking my BLM merits so that I could hit the 320/120 more easily. I can do it fairly easily on Ice spells but not so easily on others. I’d really like to be in the BLM team for this fight at least once but until all of my WHMs get Cleric’s Pantaloons or stop being MIA I can’t.

With fully merited Shellra V, Barspells, Cleric’s Pantaloons, /SCH and a good enhancing set I can hit 127 elemental resistance. Which makes it a lot easier with a BRD for carol (+2 Crumhorn) and earth resist set to hit 250-300 on our tanks. And that means they take so little damage from Stonega III etc that it’s really something we can’t do without. If they bring in Barlight in some form, those bars are going to be godly for Ultima.

Regen merits just don’t cut it against that much magical damage.

(Did I mention how much I hate Bai Wing?)

We had issues with positioning, started off ok but Mages need to be able to stand way back and we edged around the map a bit.

Damaging Ouryu is straightforward but our add control still isn’t right. I’m going to post up on forums for hints and tips.

I got more than a bit frustrated that I felt like I was the only person curing our token melee. I’m in the tank party as one of our main healers and I’m supposed to be running around dealing with 3 melee who are trying to save our butts from worms who are getting difficult?

I realise that the RDMs were pretty busy too but I didn’t see much curing from them. I’m sure there was some I just think that there was too much fire fighting and not enough calm thought. The fight is too new for peeps to handle it all well. I need to talk to them to find out what the issues were. Peeps are still too eager to fight worms rather than silence them and leave them be.

The crowd control is the hard part in this fight. Get a good earth/MDB set going on and your tanks can hold Ouryu forever. Get some decent BLMs and they can bring him down fairly well. But if you don’t deal well with the ele’s and worms it can screw you over. All BLMs and RDMs can silence, they should be. It’s a busy fight, one I am sure we’ll get better at over time.

It was in the end an absolutely amazing feeling to beat this stupid Wyrm. Everyone did work hard, even if we muddle through. Something seems to jinx this fight for us every time we set it up. But now we have 17 more Ouryu Overwhelmers on Alexander.

Ouryu Drops

Ouryu Drops

I think for us, we need to get 4-5 monarch’s orbs together before even thinking about Baha. I also think we need to practise zerging Kirin to get a feel for what we have to so before we start Baha. It’s a different fight and perhaps one we’ll find easier to deal with. Ouryu really is better if we throw more BLMs at it. I don’t think we’re ready for Bahamut yet, but if we can take down the Dynamis Lord and Kirin, zerging – then we can try Baha.

Bahamut would be useful gil for everyone. We can gear our BRDs with manteels, sell mats for gil to buy others key pieces to improve their setups. We can get masks/staves/scythes and generally improve our ability to kill stuff. If we can get it together enough to kill him.

We had around 500k of Ouryu drops from my evoker (I won random). Value of most of that stuff has plummeted. Happy enough to burn any evokers we have throughout the shell for members. We need the practise and we need the orbs to stockpile.

After Ouryu, I had a bit of a tension headache so I left them to it for Temenos. I heard it went well enough. 2+ years of freaking limbus and it should. We were supposed to do Omega but Dru didn’t reappear with the pop. The guys can do it next week or the week after.

Things that will make life easier:

  • More WHMs with at least Cleric’s pantaloons and capped Shellra V
  • At least one more WHM with capped barspells

As a side note, my RDM dinged 74 just before Einherjar, thanks to a combination of Campaign, Dio hunting and Rotx BLM levelling services. I’m only 750 into my level but at least I can use my snow and aqua rings again. One more level and I can use my Goliard/Nashira/Loquacious.

We did a brief 81-85 run after they were done with Limbus but we didn’t win. 3 Clear All floors, one specific-order lamp floor and one huge floor with a Soulflayer Enemy leader we couldn’t find for a while meant we just ran out of time. So the guys will have to wait a few more days/couple of weeks to get 100 and their runic keys.

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