Back in the saddle: levelling

Well, before I went on holiday for a week, I bullied the guys in my shell to help me get RDM to 75. Thanks to some very understanding friends we got the xp I needed and now I have a ton of macros that I’m gradually adjusting to make best use of my Nashira and Goliard. I love haste gear for some spells and no one gets quite as much as a WHM so having at least some haste for ‘fresh etc is improving my tolerance of RDMs recast timers. Still unsure about hats a lot of the time. When is the AF hat better than other options? For example, I use my yigit turban for MND based enfeebles and then am caught between Nashira Turban and AF Hat for the others. How much should I be worrying about INT? I assume even with high acc/skill I may need to overcome the target’s INT or am I thinking too much like a BLM for this? Answers on a postcard…

I need to learn a lot about RDM and learn fast. I dinged into 6 enfeebling merits which helps but all the gear in the world won’t do me much good without more practical experience. It feels markedly weaker as a healer for anything outside merits than either SCH or WHM. Can’t argue with the flexibility though. I think eventually I’ll enjoy the job because it keeps me busy but it doesn’t compare with WHM.

I still need to finish my /DRK, which is sat at about 26. Realistically if I’m not needed on WHM, I may be needed as a CS stunner.

I have dinged my /RNG for COR to 31, almost 32. RNG is actually a lot more fun than I imagined it would be. Barrage is just a great toy! Taru NIN in the jungles v me as a reasonably well geared hume RNG and an Elvaan SAM didn’t have a hope. Still we did ok and got fairly good xp. No one really minded and even Ichi helps.

Not sure I have the inventory space or the patience to level RNG to 75 but it’s a fun sub job. Should work on /DRK and//WAR and then I’m covered for most things.

I’m determined not to race COR up, it’s a really fun job which I don’t need but makes a pleasant change. I suspect I’ll end up using it for merits and possibly dynamis. I have no desire to level anything else after that. The mages have gotten easier and easier because of the merits and gear I’ve gotten along the way.


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