Charybdis soloed by a DNC, Dynamis & ZNMs

Gah, lost an hour’s sleep this weekend and although it doesn’t seem like a big shift I’d like to blame my sleepy state on that. Not on the late night skype chats after I logged!

Missed claiming Charybdis the other day for a friend. Annoying but he popped super early and we didn’t have enough people there anyway, or rather a great job setup.  The person who did claim it turned out to be a 75 DNC/NIN, solo.  Not sure whether they were going to be ok, and being honest reckoning if they weren’t, we’d have a shot; we hung around. I can honestly say, I really didn’t expect them to do it. An hour later, Charybdis died, the kitty had soloed it 100-0 and anyone left cheered/saluted, cos honestly we were damn impressed. I think their name was Nyanco. Half tempted by DNC having seen that but not really in the mood for levelling anything else.

We had an epic Sandy Dynamis run this weekend.  Only saw one, hundred piece but it was pretty impressive. We cleared the entire zone before popping the Boss.  For all our hard work we saw 17 pieces of relic armour drop!

Notable drops included two pairs of RDM boots – at last! I was kinda rooting for Beren to win a pair but he failed at lotting. Poor Josiey couldn’t lot a thing because she’s holding onto her points for her hat. Still was nice to see Azgaile and Kuro get a couple of pieces, RDM city drops have been low for us. It was nice to get the NIN pants for Toz, they’re a good intermediate piece before getting Byakko’s Haidate. We had loads of PLD and some MNK drop.  MNK ended up going to Xan’s alt Sugarbear and Alustriel who is levelling it.

Argute Bracers

Argute Bracers

I wasn’t expecting to come away with anything this week, having been lucky enough to complete my BLM relic last week and being on a job change lotting break. However our new SCH main lotter didn’t show up. If they had, they would have had an automatic right to the Argute Bracers that dropped. They didn’t and as we have no other main lot SCH aside from me, I got to lot!  Enfeebling magic skill +7, MND/INT +3, EMN -2 and 20 MP make them a huge piece and I’m really pleased!

It’s always nice when it rains relic for everyone. The whole shell comes away feeling proud. And the bonus hundred added to the respectable number of singles we already had so payouts this time are respectable. Next week we go to Glacier which I always find fun.

Einherjar is starting to bug me. Not in a ‘OMG I hate it’ way but in a ‘we will crack this!’ way. There’s no easy way to get through this phase other than to learn. Every week we improve, every week we learn something but we can’t seem to quite bring it together. It’s always the freaking bosses and usually we’re timing out around 20%. We’re trying to rejig our setup. We always have the time for the Bosses, we can get through the NQ mobs in about 10-15 mins.

We didn’t aggro the Boss this time ( /cheer) but we messed up on the BRD 2 hring. My lack of clarity meant when the BRDs hit SV, the melee charged in and attacked the Morbol, promptly sleeping everyone. Thankfully some had poison on already but I have to admit I didn’t and neither did a lot of others. I was curing up someone who had unweakened thinking I had time whilst the songs were being sung. So some 2 hrs were wasted.  Dispels and Finales were spammed tho and we did ok, but cos we messed up the start so badly, we failed.

I had a chat with everyone on Seren and will repeat it on Nova on Saturday, there’s no excuse for Melee not bringing Poison and other meds. So hopefully we’ll have a few more next time in case we get the damn Morbol again.  We have to get this right; even if the NQ mobs are squishy we’ll have 2 waves and some new bosses to deal with in Wing 2. We need to beat this last freaking chamber but at least the ampoules are adding up and it is getting easier. I’ll be damn proud if we make it through to Wing 2 and can pull some wins out there but it will take a while. There are very few successful Einherjar shells on our server; eventually I’d like us to be one of them.

Cheesehoarder Full Drops

Cheesehoarder Full Drops

After Einherjar we moved onto some ZNMs. Huzzah for pwning two Cheesehoarders in quick succession and then two Armed Gears in slower but equally successful succession.  One full drop on Cheesehoarder and between the two Gears we got all the drops. Grats to Ere on his new feet, even if they do look like they’ve been pee’d on. And grats to Mac on his new hMP/enfeebling hands!  That’s something I’m going for when I have the zenis to do my pop. We now have a Tinnin pop to do for Firi, which should be interesting.  I’m going to start on the Sarameya path, cos I’d love an Oracle’s robe and the new monsters seem fun to fight.

Armed Gears Aurum Drop

Armed Gears Aurum Drop

Everything overran,  but Limbus thankfully was fast. We were doing a Central Tem to finish off our next Ultima pop. The ele’s were down in 12 mins and we had Carby and his buddies down very quickly soon after. We were done with the whole run in 20 mins. Which frankly was exactly what we needed. Weird though, we had a huge turnout for it. Ultima next week – love that fight!

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