Well wow, what a weekend.

Glacier was taken by a shell that went in with 50 players!! Who the hell takes 50 people to Dynamis anymore and what on earth for in Glacier? I’d have split them into 2 and done 2 zones but /shrug. We hadn’t done Bastok in a while, so we skipped to there. 17 relic drops, 11 wootz ore and a couple of hundreds later and peeps were pretty happy. Was hoping to do Qufim again next week but it may not happen as it’s the Easter weekend.

I went in as RDM for the first time. I didn’t die once… so maybe I’m doing it wrong >.> Seriously though, it was hectic but fun. Took me a few to get into my stride and I was probably over reliant on the BLMs but it was a nice easy zone to try it in. More fun than I expected.


Yay! Wing II access at last.  Audeas and I spent the week trying to work out how the hell to tweak our setup and in the end we winged it. Removed the two PLD, changed our 2 RNG to WAR (I know we’ll need em later), cut down the number of BRDs and just upped the DD capacity. We chucked the BLMs back together with a BRD+RDM and went through the zone like a knife through butter. We even waited a few minutes for a dc’d BRD to get back and finished the zone a considerable portion before time out.  It was a nice set of mobs but the NQ mobs never really give us trouble.

No one aggroed the Boss and he went down so smoothly. I think we had 1, maybe 2 deaths. Apparantly you have to kill Larrymc and Hete together anyway, or the Universe self-destructs.  So one PUP, one BRD dead once. Everyone brought poison so sleepga/AoE Sleep just didn’t hit us at all. It’s been a struggle to have the melee bring them but it’s worth it and I think peeps get that now.

Wing II access got!

Wing II access got!

Seren peeps then ducked into Sacrarium for a subligar/swiftbelt hunt. I hate combining the two, but Nui needed that damn belt for his thf and Shao happened to have an overdue pop. So we killed any mobs on the way that might drop the subs we needed and only succeeded in getting a Coral Crest key for Jero’s mission, a DRK sub and a DRG sub. Not the RDM, PLD, PLD, SAM or THF subs we needed.  Still, was fun playing COR in there.

Unlike previous runs, we actually went 2/2 on the belts. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that, even when we’ve had a couple of thieves there before.

Swift Belt Drop

Swift Belt Drop

We finished up a long day with a Proto Ultima. Who was super easy until the last 5% when he decided he really wanted to make us work for our Nashira. Spamming Armor Buster was bitchy. At 1% we were running around freaking raising peeps but thankfully Shao nuked it down in style. I never felt we were in danger of losing it, but out last couple of Ultimas have been so smooth that it was a quick reminder not to get too complacent. Still, he dropped a body, legs and feet which you really can’t fault! I think we’re  4/6 or 7 now. Still need more legs and bodies but as ever our Homam list is longer.

Nashira Drops

Nashira Drops

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