Messing about in the Necropolis and other animals

I had fun. 4 day weekend and a mammoth gaming session.

We’re now 2/2 on Dynamis Qufim which is cool. Few more peeps got the win. Hopefully towards the end of April we’ll be doing Valkurm and be heading off to Tav. I’ll be proud to see some of our dyna newbies as they were last year walking out with Tav gear. Drops were nice aside from a zonal obsession with BLU… No accessories at all this time.  My -1 collection is growing. I’m gonna have to start upgrading my WHM relic soon.

We’re going to take a shot at the Dynamis Lord too. Something I always wished we’d done in Liquid but we never did. We were going to but a group left and it wasn’t as important I suppose as farming. I want the win for the sake of completeness.

Einherjar went as I expected it to, we had a few peeps not around this weekend and were down our BRDs. So we farmed up our ampoules, timed out on Boss. I’m up and down about this event, sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. I’ll be pretty pleased if I can ever make it to wing III. Least I should get both my choker and ring and see my friends get their shinies too.

Had a shot at some of the missions for the new scenario. I’ll get to that in another post.

Clothcraft 98

Clothcraft 98

On a personal level, finally made some progress on Cloth… hit 98 this weekend. Smithing is crawling up and Nia has promised me some gems for Gold. I’m taking a break from skilling to make some more gil. I’m not broke yet, but I want to get back up to what feels like an acceptable level. There are now more peeps running around in pseudo-wedding gear, some signed thanks to the House of Eldelphia.

Played around with Solace and Misery on WHM. Misery makes life one hell of a lot of fun! >.>
Went out to Eldieme to get myself a Tav bell for my WHM af. I’ve upgraded the head, legs and body and wanted to get the shoes out of my mog safe and use up the keys I farmed. I have way too many pop items in my invent and dyna lotting needs 10 free slots.

Hexastrike Damage with Perdu

Hexastrike Damage with Perdu

Afflatus Solace is really nice, a godsend to anyone getting cured as the low level stoneskin is enough to get shadows up etc. You can pair it with Sacrifice nicely and then use Esuna.

Enlight Damage

Enlight Damage

Afflatus Misery is a blast. For soloing with mah Perdu Wand, it’s hilarious. I was semi geared for WHM melee but not really. Full haste gear, chiv chain, brutal, wand/shield. Not subbing NIN and not eating food I was pwning the crap out of everything down there and enjoying it. The enlight effect is useful from stacking Auspice and Misery and so is the acc bonus. The Banish line has seen a definite improvement. Against undead, with Mystic Boon I felt unstoppable. I’m pretty sure a WHM could fairly easily solo a ton of things with that combo that we couldn’t before.

Cura + Misery was nice up against the WHM AF NM and in Limbus. Cheap and Easy. Auspice is just complete win.

I’ve not yet exploited Esuna to its potential but that’s been because of being on BLM a lot this weekend. It’s pretty shiny.

Josiey and I both got our WHM bodies and yesterday we helped Akai with his. Too cute!

Akaimasq Full AF

Akaimasq Full AF


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2 Comments on “Messing about in the Necropolis and other animals”

  1. April 16, 2009 at 12:33 #

    Awww~! So jealous of that Clothcrafting level (TT=) I’m only level 88.


    • eldelphia
      April 16, 2009 at 16:53 #

      It takes a while but it feels good to get it close. I might eventually make 100! Keep going!


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