Nyzul Isle Gloom

Man we had a shitty night in Nyzul last night. We missed out last week because of the update and so we were all kinda keen to get in there again.  I have to admit whilst this last farming stage is getting kinda  dull, I still enjoy spending some time with the guys every week. We hang out on skype, talk crap and sing (!) and generally have a laugh.

We beat as in killed, every Boss – good. We aggroed 3 gears and lost 3 mins – bad. We have been after a Goliard Saio and the Askar Korazin for weeks now. So what happened? Our last Cerberus spammed stoneskin and even with 3 WARs, a RDM CS Nuke and a BLU (even a Holy from me!) we ran out of time. We killed him and he died… after it said the mission had failed and we saw one of the bodies we really needed in the pool.  In almost a year, we’ve managed to avoid that scenario, but why the hell could it not have been a denali jacket last night instead of the Goliard that Firi so desperately wants?

And don’t even talk to me about that last freaking ACP crystal fight for Tibi. How we managed to lose at 10%… I have no idea.  We had it.. and then we didn’t. Bad combination of AoEs, a missed stun and being overrun with thralls and we went from being really chilled and happy to wipe in 3-4 mins. Poor taru L. It got too late to go again.

Back there soon I guess.

Still think Nyzul is a great event though, and in all honesty we’ve been damn lucky. I just wanted to hug Firi. Here’s hoping next week we see moar bodies for him and Rotx!

Random pic of Nyzul Isle pants!

Random pic of Nyzul Isle pants!

I’m kinda excited, once Nyzul is done we’re going to go do some assaults. Pretty much everyone is First Lieutenant now or close and so we can get Captain asap. I’m 15-16 assaults off it and now I have some buddies to do the harder ones with. Also means I can accumulate points for Pahluwan gear and… Salvage! Yes Dekka you stingy pain-in-the-butt-demon-spawn I’m coming for you! And no I do not need another freaking pair of ledelsens and neither does my mannequin!

Be nice to drag along Mac, Jero and anyone else who wants to come play. I reckon we’ll have 6-10 np right now.


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