People are so predictable sometimes – Dynamis

Ohhh I find life funny sometimes, I really do. A situation has come to pass which I actually called recently whilst chatting to some of the guys on Skype.

I run a Dynamis Linkshell. After the breakup of Liquidswords, those of us in Serendipity who were members of that highly effective (if not stressful) Dynamis shell took a break from Dynamis. Over the summer we missed it a fair bit and decided at the end of July last year to give it a go ourselves. We used Serendipity members as the base, but used the Nova linkshell to invite in friends and new peeps to join us.

I really didn’t expect it to go as well as it did.

We did very well and in the first few weeks a mithra server-hopper with sevveral useful jobs joined. He worked really hard with Nuitari our other THF and as a group we did really well. I was happy to see him get his RDM hat and body, cos he worked damn hard. I’m glad we set up our rules so they’re relatively hard to abuse.

Serendipity (my main shell) has a no shell hopping rule. It doesn’t suit everyone, we understand that and not everyone reads our rules when they join. It didn’t suit our mithra when he decided to join Seren as well as Nova so he didn’t last long. Neither did a hume RDM we had join, another server-hopper. Fair enough, it’s not for everyone. We do things our way, go ahead and work out what suits you.

The hume RDM attend one, maybe 2 Nova runs and warped out in a huff when he was told ‘not now’ after a wipe. He threw a similar huff about the shell hopping thing. So, I wasn’t surprised when he told me he was leaving both. I wasn’t even surprised when I saw him shouting for members for a new Dynamis shell, I know he’d lead or been heavily involved in another shell on another server.

I happened to check out his linkshell website today, as he was shouting it around Whitegate. The first thing I see is a banner with pics of both himself and the mithra I mentioned above in RDM relic. Very impressive! Ironically, that RDM relic, came from Nova.

Reading further it became very apparent that our mithra had decided he was far too special to be in Nova anymore and helped set up another Dynamis shell, without mentioning a thing. Bit like the way he left Serendipity. Their first run was this week. I’m not surprised, there was a lot of uncalled attitude at our last run. We don’t allow peeps to upgrade and he’s been interested in that from the start. We also don’t allow peeps to sponsor because we profit share so everyone gets something, rather than just a couple of peeps.

Some people are goal-oriented, I get that. We got a lot of runs out of him in return for his relic. The best comment of the day has to be one in our Nova Officers’ Forum:

“I just found it funny how their rules are a complete copy-paste of yours… Its the only grammatically correct post they have on the whole site.”

Doyler, known for his subtlety posted an application.


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3 Comments on “People are so predictable sometimes – Dynamis”

  1. Audeas
    April 17, 2009 at 22:27 #

    Whatever happened to good, old fashioned loyalty? Call me old, but the subject of this discussion was not treated poorly in the least (10 drops in a span of six months, to include RDM Body, Hat and Belt). Why just leave with no reason, no notification? This person had already been a member of this other shell for 10 days, but had signed up for the Einherjar run this coming weekend. The person had good attendance, received good drops, so why? What was is that made the grass so much greener to just leave like this?



    • eldelphia
      April 18, 2009 at 01:15 #

      Relic weapon upgrade… see my latest post. I felt to be fair to him, I should post up what he said.


  2. Doyler
    April 19, 2009 at 20:58 #

    hahaha he deserved it.


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