Dynamis, Einherjar & Proto Omega

Well I can’t really talk about Dynamis as I was off with a bunch of friends celebrating a hen night (bachelorette party). She’s getting married in May. Didn’t stop me getting a couple of text messages with drops in from Dynamis!

Firi completes his BLM Relic

Firi completes his BLM Relic

Grats to Firi who completed his BLM relic, picking up a Sorceror’s Coat in Glacier. We apparently saw lots of shinies for people, including two much wanted BLU bodies, some koga chainmail and yet another RDM body. We only have one more RDM body to get for our seven main lotters now, we’ve been exceptionally lucky with them. Let’s hope we see some more hats in Xarc.

We’re headed to Windy next week. I’m kinda hoping Silk can make it and his shoes drop. Recently he’s missed a couple of runs where WHM has dropped and he’s worked damn hard. He’s not the only one of course, a few peeps are waiting on Windy and Jeuno drops to complete their sets. I think Clevan needs NIN from Windy. We’re completing a few sets at the moment, not bad really.

We’ve made the decision to have a shot at the Dynamis Lord. Not next time but we’ve scheduled a run at the end of May for it. I’m excited but nervous. I’ve never fought him before, I know he’s a tough fight but it’s something I think the shell as a whole wants to try. Cross your fingers for us.

With 2/2 Qufim wins so far, we’re moving to Valkurm. This is a different ball game entirely. The Nantina pull, the Fairy Ring fight and the Boss zerg all require different skills but they’re nothing I think the shell can’t handle. Whether it takes one run or four, I think we’ll be in Tav soon and I think that will be one hell of a lot of fun for all.

Einherjar went really well this week.  We got another easy clear. Signups are still causing frustration because it’s not habitual yet and it makes nonsense of pre planning alliance when peeps do or don’t show up but gradually we’re getting there. A good number of peeps did sign up in advance and that meant we were aware of the types of holes we might have. We actually went in with lowish numbers and came out with an easy win. We saw a couple of Khroma ore drop, which funds the next 3.5 runs. We’ll try and get one more Grimgerde clear for people and then we’ll move onto Wing II.

Another win for Nova!

Another win for Nova!

Proto-Omega put out once again: Body, Head and Hands. We have ¾ chips for next week and I’m hoping on Thursday to take a mage group up so we can pop Omega again on Sunday. We have a couple of peeps close to full Homam and almost everyone who wants it now has some, with the exception of a new member or two. No chips, just mats and coins. We’ll probably work on some more Temenos zones after this so people can complete upgrade sets. As soon as my Mog Satchel arrives, I’ll be putting in SCH and RDM for upgrade, as well as my Cleric’s Feet and Hands when I can afford them.

Druwillo, Doyler & Xan in their new Homam

Druwillo, Doyler & Xan in their new Homam

We also did a bit of Sky in the hope that we’d see some Z mitts and Haidate but alas no.  Lucanuk did get shura haidate instead but we’ve not seen some mitts in a few turtles.

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