My brain hurts: dynamis points systems.

I’m the leader of a Dynamis/Einherjar shell.  Dynamis started last summer, Einherjar this year. Dynamis is going very well,  Einherjar we’re making good progress (Wing II).

‘k? k.

So, what I seem to spend a considerable amount of time doing is anticipating ways in which our dynamis points system can be played/manipulated/abused and trying to prevent it.

I have no problem with someone strategically choosing their main or upgrade lots, that’s pretty normal. We don’t let peeps change constantly and cock-block (sorry Rotx!) prevent them from changing each run. But we make it easy for them to change jobs, they don’t lose points and they earn plenty. No armour is free lot* but we have a lot come up very cheap under open lot.

*Well ok, free lot is preserved for leadership to occasionally use for entertainment purposes.  After all, there are only so many monster jackcoats any linkshell needs!

Right now, I’m trying to work out a way to be fair to people who only have one job at 70+ but who want to continue to do Dynamis once they complete their relic. We have -1 pieces and accessories as a different category to the Cities/Ice so peeps can continue to upgrade their armour and go for those belts and capes even when they’re done with the rest.

What I don’t want is for someone with a full set of relic to sit there and never have to pay full price for any relic armour again.

So the solution is probably a gil option.  Either you want gil or you want armour. If you don’t want or need any more armour, you might get extra gil. Or something. But the minute you lot any armour, you don’t. Any Nova peeps reading this should note we’re only considering it.

You could have peeps never prioritise any armour and only get it on open lot but the problem with that is someone like me, could sit there and get something like SCH relic in almost no time for almost no points. Ok, the demand isn’t for SCH isn’t high, but still seems a bit skewed. And not all of our low quota main lot jobs are things as random as SCH.  Too dependent on job ratios and you’d have peeps analysing our freaking spreadsheets for months.

You either want armour or you don’t. If you do, then man up and spend the points. If you don’t, then we may consider offering an alternative reward. Not new or big or clever but possibly our only solution.

It’s that or I could just sit there and pick up the rest of my BRD, SCH, SMN and some RDM relic on the cheap and piss everyone off! .  Not that RDM would ever come up open lot.

By the way: still not lotting, nor owning a single piece of RDM relic. Yarly. Nice to see 6/7 RDMs we do have main lotting sporting their relic bodies though.

Doyler’s levelling RDM now… I’d watch him…


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2 Comments on “My brain hurts: dynamis points systems.”

  1. April 23, 2009 at 16:21 #

    The gil option is amazing! We used to do this in our ls and it made coming to dyna and not getting gear much easier to handle. Our LS took it away for a while to help someone finish their relic but I am hoping we’ll see its return soon after as we have no one else in the LS anywhere close to stage four relic. But that will depend on how fast they get him his fragment and attestation.

    With the money you can make in dyna and having the LS split all gil amongst members for anything above their 8mil static bank everyone in the ls was getting a 100-300k paycheck at the end of the month orz.

    It’s really nice to read a leader’s blog and know they’re putting thought into how they run the shell and how to make it fair and balanced for everyone and how to keep people involved :D. Keep up the good work!


    • eldelphia
      April 23, 2009 at 16:54 #

      We already profit share – so every 4 weeks everyone gets a payout dependant on their attendance. We keep our bank at 5m gil and anything above that gets split out already.

      We went for this model from the start and I think it was a good decision. People in my linkshell are one hell of a lot less stressed about gil and enjoy dynamis more.

      So my thought was some form of extra payout if you skip lotting. /shrug we’re thinking about it 🙂


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