WIDATW: Dynamis, Einherjar, Kirin & Omega roundup

Feeling less emo but not great. Here’s some stuff we did.

We went to Dynamis Windurst and fate conspired to pretty much steal almost all our thieves and tanks away. So we ended up having a last minute reshuffle. We’ve already lost one of three stock thieves to stupidity so we were down to two and a couple of peeps who can play it in a pinch. Except that Nui’s net went out, Dru sold his apartment and had to do some paperwork, Reb didn’t make it and Uneac is only 72.

So I went RDM, Uneac 72 THF for tagging stats and some hint of TH and Loklore came RDM/NIN with some powder boots. How pro are we!?  It went better than I dreaded to be honest but it seemed to be the weekend everyone had to be somewhere else so we went in with low numbers. We did walk away with decent currency but only two armour drops. Was about time we had a run like this, so here’s hoping we can put it behind us for a while. Still the monthly payouts are pretty good and seeing a hundred shell is always nice.

RDM/NIN actually lasts one hell of a lot longer than a THF for sac’s. Which frankly was great on the BLM and SMN NM houses. I felt guilty as hell killing Uneac at 72 though. It was kinda serendipitous that thf dropped. I was a bit down and unfocused, peeps covered for me well and thankfully the guys are familiar with Windy.

I managed to unlock Death Blossom and skill sword up to 246 in the process. I’ve flagged the Savage Blade quest, once it’s done I guess I can flag Evisceration. I still need to unlock SCH, SMN and BLM Nyzul Isle WS but I can’t face it. I basically spent all weekend trying to keep myself busy.

Another Grimgerde Win

Another Grimgerde Win

Sunday’s Einherjar run was fantastic.  I’m not sure why we had the entire flight of bats on us at the start… but we did and the guys responded very well. We were too slow getting in due to some confusion but the mass link actually pushed us to kill faster and so we ended up ok.

The Boss (Wivre)went down steadily, he got his AoE off but paralynas were flying and attack downs were being constantly removed. BRD songs went onto everyone fine. So we now have two complete sets of Wing I wins under our belts and the next few runs are paid for. I think we’ll go through a learning cycle with Wing II but we should be able to crack it. Most peeps are hovering between 10 and 12k ampoules, with at least a run or two’s having been earnt elsewhere. So in 4-5 weeks we’re going to see an outbreak of ampoule-armour.

Still No Drop

Still No Drop

Serendipity peeps went up to Sky and killed Kirin. Still no freaking cuisses. We’ve never seen a pair drop, since Dec 2007. He’s not the most regular mob we kill but we must have done at least 15 Kirins maybe more. We’ve seen approximately 10 togis, 4 harnesses, 5-6 osodes. All your shura am belong to us, if you want some send some freaking cuisses you can have our togis! It’s not like we don’t have at least 2 members with TH4 or anything…

We then did another Omega. Head and legs dropped. All good, at least Mac wanted the head and there’s always someone who wants legs.  Just we could do with more hands and feet. Let alone yet another body.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for dealing with me this weekend and Ath for just being there.  I know there are a couple of peeps who might read this who really helped this weekend, you know who you are, thank you.


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