I’m not paranoid, they are out to get me!

Things are… weird.  That’s not all bad or me trying to say something subtly, they’re just weird.


I got done with my DRK sub. Not without killing Mitch in the desert first. Naturally, I was powerlevelling Eld with Mitch through a FoV training spree for the last level. I decided on Eastern Altepa Desert for this. I dutifully op’d out to the desert and got the quest.

Elds Current Jobs

Eld's Current Jobs

A while later Eld aggroed a cactuar. One of those things and NP I think to myself.  I’ll have this ‘ere level 63 RDM sleep it for now. I can zone it/log hate once the current mob Eld is killing, dies.

Well that would have been simple if not for one thing… Cactuar Rapido popped! And how do we pull Rapido you ask? By linking with another Cactuar. What? Like this one here asleep? H’oh yes.

15s later, one dead Mitchturbo.

Still, you have to laugh. Brachial came out and raised him for me and I slowly missed my way to 37 DRK. I used to like DRK. I don’t right now.  Good gear, good food and still you miss painfully slowly.


So why did I decide that my RNG sub for COR should go up a few more levels? Anyone would think I’m masochistic. Oh wait, I run a linkshell – ‘nuff said.

RNG is actually a lot of fun.  More fun than I’d ever have imagined. I’m not sure it’s enough fun to level to 75, after all I’m already levelling the most expensive-job-in-the-world-ever… but you never know. So now my RNG is 33 which means my 51 COR is safe until 67.

Still haven’t got anywhere with DNC. I should really but I cba.

Nyzul Isle

We did some Nyzul Isle, where nothing dropped. That was fun. We had the shittiest floor I’ve seen in ages. One with lamps. Lamps are usually a brief respite from other floors and are on the whole welcomed. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a code floor but even so, lamps aren’t usually too bad.

Until, you post a set of gears or an NM at every one of the five lamps we need to hit.  First time I’ve been MPK’d by an NM who wasn’t there!  How did that happen you ask? Well… say you saw someone being pwned by Amikiri,  and they just decided to die but you grabbed a lamp closeby with nothing close to it, you might (like me) assume you were safe. So when sneak wore and I was about to hit my lamp, I wasn’t bothered.  Except that Amikiri repopped ON MY HEAD! And promptly killed me. NOMNOMNOM says the scorpion.

Over Skype all I could hear was moaning. There was literally a gear or triple gear at or close to every lamp. Which is fine if you can run around sleeping them and sure they do deaggro for a few when you click the lamp but basically the run was over.  There was death and more death and a lot of swearing.

We keep getting DNC weapons, anyone want one?

So, even though we’re nearly done with drops in Nyzul Isle, we can’t quite freaking put the event behind us and move on to assaults and Salvage because the freaking mobs WILL NOT DROP our last Goliard and Askar pieces.

In the words of Erestor… EPIC PHAIL!

Dynamis Valkurm

In other news, I’m 3/5 on BRD relic for no reason other than no one else in their right mind would lot BRD slippers.  Or none of the 18 million closet BRDs that came out when the pants dropped, wanted to bother. I figure eventually I’ll just end up with the set, as no one much wants it. I had 2 pieces before we even started Nova.  We did Valkurm this weekend,  PLD and the aforementioned BRD dropped. We didn’t win, but I wasn’t surprised.

Until you’ve been to Valk, it’s hard to explain exactly how it all works, and no one wants to listen anyway. They’d rather get inside and get on with it.  So inside we went and our 3 pairs went off fly hunting. Uneac and I found ours (we went NE) fairly easily and managed not to aggro some sheep. Kazgoroth and Loklore found theirs and unfortunately wiped the entire run by aggroing some cactuar. Having been told not to bring back any aggro should you get it, they brought back the aggro they neglected to notice and a horde of spiky green fiends pwned us good and proper. Meanwhile, Doyler and Mactaig were out roaming the wild west, utterly failing to find their fly.

Still, you have to laugh. It’s that or kill yourself and I can’t be arsed with that either. Eventually we got the flies down and subjobs unlocked. We then moved onto Fairy Ring. I was dreading this NM but to give credit where its due, curebombs were forthcoming and Fairy Ring didn’t kill Rotx. We killed Fairy Ring and some random yags we were too close to.

We moved towards the tunnel with the aim of grabbing Nantina but in all honesty we were all out of time. We killed some mobs but realised it wasn’t going to happen.

With nothing left to lose (our sanity long gone) we hurtled back to Selbina.  To be fair, peeps were pretty good about positioning etc but (and I was that cs stunner, go me) charm got off and that was really it.  In all fairness, the guys followed orders but we were slow moving place to place and the fly wipe cost us Nantina. Still I’m fairly confident that we’ll get the zone beaten, if not next time – then soon.


Einherjar was ok but again no win.  Pulls weren’t fast enough and we lost one of our BRDs to Boss aggro so it kinda messed things up. Boss was around 40% which frankly is rubbish but I think we’ll get there eventually. That’s if Audeas doesn’t kill me first.  SE was laughing at me when I realised I was 40 points under the 15k I needed for my first item. So next week for my ring or choker.

Or /cheer next week I get to pick up my first Einherjar Ampoules item!


Peeps have been a bit burnt out recently and with the change of season, we’ve missed a few from most things. Real Life has hit a few with the shitty stick and there’s not much we can do except wish them well. So I didn’t schedule another event on Sunday and we just went on to do yet another Omega. We’re a freaking homam production factory right now. Giving it up for a few weeks whilst we work on another Ultima pop. It’s that or my mages will kill me.

Dellos and Rotx look pimp

Dellos and Rotx look pimp

So wait that’s  the shell mages, CC, Audeas, Amikiri and Rapido who want to kill me.  I think I’ll take up life as a professional paranoid!

In other news: Clevan is a very good friend and utterly deserves the large bars of Dairy Milk winging their way trans-atlantic to him. Mactaig and Niamh are both very good friends who have not had random chocolate bars posted to them. I just typed chocolate BRDs… Rotx and I have declared a ceasefire for now, which makes life, easier.

Athenaa didn’t kill me but did threaten to roast Roc, so he finally gave up his staff for her just to make her go away.  And we got a galka some hooker boots. Or something.

TTFN – I need a nice nap. Pity I’m still at work.


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