Reviewing WHM and plans for the future

Thought it was time I went through my WHM gear and reviewed it.  I’m happy with the progress I’ve made but still have a way to go. WHM is my ‘main’ and the job I love the most. I don’t have an exceptional amount of gil to throw at anything anymore, but I do have 98 Cloth to throw at some problems.

Click on the thumbnails to see the gear if it interests you.

Barspells: I’m pretty happy with my barspell set. I have 2 merits in enhancing just to keep my Bars at 127.  The only piece I really want to improve on this are the Cleric’s Pantaloons -1 and they’re  a Tav piece. No doubt in time they’ll come. Love my Merciful Cape. I don’t think I can get any higher without more merits and I can’t justify that.  I have the -1 Feet to upgrade at some point but that will only help the -EMN and MND, not the skill.

Cure V: if I’m honest I could do with going back to the Templar Mace and a MND shield. Ideally back to the Numinous Shield +1 I hard originally or a Muse Tariquah, which I’ve attempted to get occasionally. I could also do with some Marduk feet for the MND +10 and possibly a MND Earring. On the whole though my Cure V’s are pretty powerful and if my freaking security token turns up I’ll start on upgrading both pieces I have the -1’s for. Roundel+ Aristo is such a powerful combination and I still maintain a decent level of  -EMN this way. Cleric’s Belt is a key piece I need for this setup, we just need them to drop now so that I can get a shot at one.  I’m second in line for this piece.

I keep debating whether to take out the Errant Cape, I could get a higher number but losing -5 EMN and 30 MP is a lot for 4 MND from my Prism. I guess the answer might be an Ixion Cape, should I ever get it for BLM. More likely though the cape from Einherjar. I suppose what I’m saying is my Cure V isn’t maxed, but I’m aware of that and in some cases I’ve decided not to go with the marginal hp increase and live with less disruption to my MP pool and other stats. The only other upgrades I would like are Blessed +1 pieces for hands and legs.  I have a reasonable chance at hqing my own mitts but I’m not sure I’d ever bother making the trousers.  Dunno, would have to put some serious gil away before I could consider it and I don’t remember ever seeing the pants on the AH.

Enfeebling: I’m pretty happy with my enfeebling gear. I’m getting to the stage where for most of the things I do where I might enfeeble I’m wondering whether to drop out some of the skill/macc gear and stick back in some more MND. I have a Nashira turban but I’ve stuck with the +7 MND from my healer’s cap +1. I suppose it depends which spell I’m casting. Slow and Para might work better with more MND, Silence with more MAcc. With a full set of HQ staves, I do pretty well.  Upgrades would definitely be the Marduk feet, enfeebling earring and perhaps a MND+2 earring. However of all of those, the Marduk feet are the only ones I’m really bothered about.  As soon as Nyzul is done with, we’re moving to Salvage and I’ll have a shot at Dekka all over again.

Haste: I could do with recapping my haste. It’s at 24% but I made the choice to remove the Capricorn staff from my setup so I don’t lost the MP bonus from my Dryad at the start of fights. What I need to do is HQ my Blessed Mitts and then I’ll be set for this. I try a few pairs from time to time, they’ll come.

Standing/Base cure gear: I’m comfortable with this set. I need Blessed +1 Hands at least. I don’t strictly need the Cleric’s body in there but it’s slightly more MP and -ENM than anything else. I guess I could idle in max mp gear but in all honesty I rarely carry a full set these days. I bring it for specific events like KSNM etc but rarely for anything else. I just sling on my Blessed Briault and anything else I happen to have with me for Max MP.  Next weekend I should pick up my Morgana’s Choker which drops 1 MND and 40 HP for 40 MP.  Not a bad trade off with /SCH and no other convert pieces. Let alone I can use that on SCH, RDM, BLM and WHM… rather than a promise badge/ajari setup.

Aside from these setups I have sets for Repose, Cure IV, Stoneskin and now WHM nuking. I could  go into those but they’re pretty standard. I have AF+1 pants for divine skill and a Redingote/Moldy for nuking etc.


Current WHM hMP set

Current WHM hMP set

This could do with some work. It’s not bad but I could do with buying a Mirror Tiara, Intensifying cape and working on some Oracle’s Hands and an Oracle’s Robe. I need to do the latter for BLM anyway, before I hit 75 COR, so I can consider replacing my Redingote. Below is probably what I should be aiming for…

Desired HMP setup

Desired HMP setup

So aside from all this crap is there anything else I should consider?

White Tathlum. I’m really not sure about this piece. Ok an extra -1 EMN is nice but I’m not sure it’s 1.9m nice.  15 HP is always win, 15 MP is kinda meh considering my existing HH bomb has 30 but then once MP is gone, it’s gone.   /shrug, haven’t written it off.

Altruistic Cape: I should prioritise this more than I have. With healing/divine/enfeebling skill on this is pretty win for a WHM now (let alone my other jobs) .  We’ve poked Ix’Drk a couple of times, it will come in time.

Delta Earring:  another -3 EMN on an earring slot isn’t bad. Has the feeling of a DNC earring that one. Would pair nicely with a Roundel for waltzes. I already have several ampoule items on my shopping list, this is a marginal one I may not bother with.

Herald’s Gaiters: would be fun. Much, much more useful for my BLM and SCH. Every now and then I consider making the mammoth effort to raise the gil for em but I suspect unless I get lucky in a KSNM99 I won’t bother.

Yagrush: not realistic for me. I’m actually expecting to see one of these on Alexander soon.  I can see eventually it would be possible to do most things but not the Alexandrites. Not without the backing of my entire shell and friends. Rank, Nyzul Isle, Einherjar, Salvage, Kings, Assaults are all possible but 90-120m on Alexandrites – not gonna happen without some Mog Bonanza lovin’.


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3 Comments on “Reviewing WHM and plans for the future”

  1. May 12, 2009 at 21:47 #

    We already have a club on Alexander, a JP in Stories owns it, can’t remember the name though. Berd and his girl are going to be finishing one fairly soon too :3

    And I’d love to talk WHM gear with you in game some time, you can swing by my LJ for a look at my gear if you want.

    Take it easy Eldel~



    • eldelphia
      May 12, 2009 at 21:53 #

      That’s where I was expecting to see one from. You can’t do that much Einherjar without racking up a few points 😉


  2. Thorondor
    June 10, 2009 at 18:39 #

    What is the average HP recovered from your cure 5??


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