Woot! Nyzul Isle Progress!

And yay on the 13th day of the 5th month Altana was kind. After almost a year of Nyzul Isle we managed to finish our bodies off! Everyone in the static has a Denali Body now, including one for my 51 COR (was lower when I got it) and one for Rotx’ 58 THF. Whether we wanted one or not.

Nyzul Isle Bodies completed!

Nyzul Isle Bodies completed!

First to drop was the askar, on our second run of the night.  So we still had Firi’s ill-fated Goliard to get. We’d seen 3 of them before last night and one of them fell to the floor as it dropped as the mission failed. On our last run of the night, it finally dropped.  So we went 2/4 on bodies and now have 3 hats left to get (and perhaps some pants) before we are done with the static’s wishlist!

Here’s hoping 1 goliard and 2 askar drop asap. It’s not that I hate Nyzul, it’s just that we could all do with a break from this constant farming and we’re all interested in doing some assaults and Salvage next. We still intend to do a bit of farming but not the week-in, week-out spamming of Bosses we’ve been doing recently. Three of us are 5/5 on one set and we all have at least one (usually many more) pieces of other armour. I personally am 5/5 Goliard and 1/5 Denali. But that’s because I don’t really see the point of lotting anything I can’t wear yet.  The body is awesome for COR, so I nabbed one of those but only because we’ve seen so many…

Picked up a Brave Blade, for storage. You never know – one day I might actually level my PLD. Only been threatening to for  4.5 years.

None of our appraised items turned into anything fab but we were all damn happy. Next week, floor 100 spam go!

New weaponskill got!

New weaponskill got!

After Nyzul, the guys came out to help my kill the Savage Blade NM, and so I now officially can look like a leaping wombat. Or something. Now I can start Evisceration and have that open on BRD and RDM as well as COR I guess, when it gets up there.

Leaping Wombat go!

Leaping Wombat go!

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