The End of Nyzul and start of Salvage

Nyzul  Isle

…was good last night. We’re now farming floor 100 for the last pieces we need to satisfy the original wishlists. Peeps want some more stuff of course (although we’ve seen a lot of it drop) but we’re all kinda wanting to wrap up this level of commitment to Nyzul.

Out of the 4 runs we did, 1 we had to exit on (thanks frog boss, chariots and a kill all floor the size of Manhattan). The other three we killed the Bosses and got one of the remaining headpieces we needed. Grats to Erestor on his Askar Zuchetto.

That leaves us with another Askar and a Goliard to get and we’re done. Wow.

The aim then is to go on and do some Assaults… and Salvage. I’m about 15 assaults off Captain Rank so I’m hoping we can rotate some early ones with some higher ones and get peeps through.


I’m excited about going back to Salvage now. It’s a pain in the arse sometimes but with the improvements in merits/gear/job availability I’m hoping we do ok. There’s a lot of interest in theory in doing Salvage so we may end up with a couple of groups going. I’d like to see 6-10 peeps per group.

I’m hoping to get a good deal of any group going onto Skype or something similar. It’s really made our weekly Nyzul Isle runs a lot more fun. We know pretty much what we’re doing and where we’re going but I’m convinced it’s the weekly conference call that has kept the group together.

I’m not sure which job I’ll end up bringing. It probably won’t be SMN or BLM, so let’s leave those off. WHM is pimped to all hell and with /SCH it could be fun. However SCH itself or my BRD both lend themselves to Salvage well. I have a storm fife for BRD and of course AoE spikes/enspells/phalanx are nice for lower floors on Salvage. RDM I’m not really considering. Mebbe Mac will be done with his in time 😀

Not sure what to do with Alexandrites. Not sure how often they drop and whether it’s realistic for any of us to consider upgrading. Of course Mog Bonanza could change that but there’s still the small matter of titles…

I’ve been considering which pieces I’d like to upgrade should I get a shot.

About covers it. Bodies aren’t a priority right now. The other pieces will make more of an impact. I’m not stupid; I know I’d be incredibly lucky to upgrade even two of those pieces. I can use all of them right now except the Skadi feet.

My COR is on its way up and should I get it done, those would be nice to have. However, other people need those far more than me so I won’t be worrying about them unless pieces go free lot and others can’t use.

I’m pretty split between WHM, BLM and to a lesser extent, BRD priorities. Thankfully there’s some overlap between RDM and BLM. If SCH ever appears on either the Marduk or Morrigan’s set (both!) I’d be super lucky.

So sometime in the next few weeks we’ll be finished with Nyzul Isle and onto Salvage. Maybe Dekka will stop being an ulmighty pain in the backside and drop me some stupid shoes!

Weird to think of Nyzul as coming to a close but nice to think we may be able to share some time with others in the shell. I can see Mac, Pharm and Jero being keen.

Linkshell Leadership

There’s a lot to say about what’s going on with me and the shell right now but I’m not quite in the mood to write about it. Suffice to say I’ve calmed down a lot and put some thought into improving my situation. We have a couple of new sack holders (nominated by our members) and as a group the sacks are looking at ways to improve things and take the pressure off a bit. It is appreciated.

As is the moral support I get here and elsewhere.


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One Comment on “The End of Nyzul and start of Salvage”

  1. RC
    May 21, 2009 at 14:50 #

    MY LS uses
    2-3 MNKs
    1 SAM or COR
    1 THF
    1 WHM
    1 BRD
    2 RDM (one of the two tends to sac pulls)

    The BRD is leader but the RDM is the one who has intimate knowledge of each zone.

    Our general drop policy is:
    1) Choose 5 gears to upgrade. Can lot on any of the pieces that are required to upgrade the armors. Getting 2 of 3 armor pieces puts you on priority to finish (aka you get to lot on the last item first until other people 2/3).
    2) Alexandrites are split at the end.
    3) Free lot armor means anyone who wants it can lot it. I already have all the 15 skadi pieces because they drop so much even though I commented on full Usukane.

    Jobs are non-negotiable. If you’re expected to come MNK, you have to come MNK.


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