Crafting Madness

It was a holiday weekend, so on the Monday where I could be sleeping in…  I decided to get up at 08:15 to try another set of Blessed Mitts synths.  Still no HQ, prolly up around the 20th mark so far. I’d hang on, save up and buy em but I never see them. The one pair that sold recently sold for 5m and was gone so fast… I didn’t see them. One day I’ll HQ.

I was feeling kinda down about it so decided to say screw it and try synthing something else on another character.  Glad I did…

Cursed Finger Gauntlets -1

Cursed Finger Gauntlets -1

I can’t take credit for levelling the Alchemy Mule, that was a friend.  I’d been sitting on a stack of Dragon Blood for a while and decided against Archer’s Knives.  I’m aiming for my own pair of crimson/blood finger gauntlets for my RDM/DRK and for my COR (levelled some more this weekend).  When I saw the first pair, I thought of nothing more than a nice chunk of change (sold in a bazaar overnight). The second pair I’m hanging onto for now, in response to which the guys helped me get Steam Cleaner last night (my last pop set didn’t drop). Motherglobe to chase up and then I’ll be back to 3/4 set for another shell Kirin.

We have 2-3 pops around right now and really need Kirin to put out on some cuisses before the PLDs and RDMs in the shell start /wrists.

I’m really down about things today so I’m not going to post much more. Really low energy day so rather than write emo posts about being burnt out and panicking everyone around me, I’ll just head out into the sunshine, grab some lunch and come back to other issues later or tomorrow.


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