The end of Einherjar? Who can tell.

I’ve recently had the chance to play with a group of on the whole nice, helpful and committed players. I’m sad to see it come to an end. It will have a considerable impact on Nova’s ability to run Einherjar but as a group we decided that we’d deal with that. We can either recruit or discontinue our efforts in Einherjar. Dynamis remains unaffected.

One of the harder decisions a leader has to make is when to give up on something or someone. In most cases it’s because of something that particular member has done which goes against the ethos of the group and often is entirely self-motivated.

In this case it’s not. I will not negate or downplay the contribution that has been made to Nova but I absolutely will not kow-tow to another player’s insecurities. I do not make decisions lightly; I do not care to upset people. I hoped for the sake of all involved it wouldn’t come to this because it would amongst other things jeopardise a friendship I had enjoyed.

If you do not enjoy an event, don’t attend runs.

If you have serious intentions of trying to resolving a difficult situation then your actions should reflect that. Thankfully, between the remaining group of officers we have the information we need to continue to reliably rebuild and run the Einherjar points system for Nova.  I have a habit of checking these things.

Unfortunately the departure of the two people in question means almost certainly losing the support of several others. Utterly understandable but I’m sad to see such a nice bunch who on the whole contributed  a considerable amount and to the best of their ability almost certainly leave. Especially the plushie-taru who had a horrible run and felt incredibly bad about it, even though he played with considerable care and skill.


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