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You know there aren’t many times when I’m surprised by people but I’m going to be honest, the other night Axyke surprised me.

Serendipity evolved out of social shell and as such it was like shifting a newly built ship down a runway. It took one hell of a lot of effort to get it going and we weren’t sure whether it would survive its maiden voyage. As such we have a real mix of attitudes and drives in the shell.

A while ago, Dellos was probably teasing Axyke who admitted he hadn’t merited DRG very much, even though it was his favourite job. He asked me on another occasion how long we needed Angon to last but that was it.

Axyke always takes the mickey out of himself and plays himself down. I was really proud of him when during a conversation about DRG merits, he made it apparent that he’d put one hell of a lot of work in and had capped his merits. In a relatively short space of time.

I know there are a lot of people out there who haven’t put half the work in he has and even when they do have made a huge song and dance about it. I’ve had occasion to defend using a DRG recently, I’m really glad I stuck to my guns. My only apology is that I took the constant joking between Axy and Dell, seriously.

Every now and then, after a particularly shitty episode as a leader, someone in my shell proves to me how much I made the right decision to stand by my guys and not jump ship to HNM. And how I should have more faith that things will work out for the best.

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