Been a while

OK, not since my last Blog post but since I posted a general update on the shell’s progress.


Good turnout for Xarc (go figure…) which made a pleasant break for everyone from the latest round of CoP and city runs.  No one seems to like Windy, so it was particularly refreshing. Drops were solid but not outstanding. Thankfully all but one went to a good home and we finished off two complete sets (Athenaa BRD, Codeyva BST). The highlight was probably Josiey’s hat though.

Furry Codey is furry

Furry Codey is furry

We’ve only seen one RDM hat before Saturday and it left the shell under a cloud. Josiey & Beren were neck  and neck for months waiting and waiting for more Chapeaux. Beren has to step back from the game because his real life is kinda hectic and so right now (and possibly permanently) he can’t play with us.  We started at the end of July last year and Josiey has passed quite a few other pieces to sit there at the top of the RDM lotting with 100 points. Finally, it dropped and now I expect to see a lot more SAM, DRK  and BLM open lot pieces flying her way.  We’ve seen a glut of RDM bodies but only those two hats so far.

Plans are to do another round of cities and glacier then work hard on getting a Valk win so we can farm Tav to hell and back.  Hydra Hauberts are calling my tanks…


Well, it’s different. We’ve been doing the rounds a bit and have come up with a few ideas for getting more peeps in. We’d ideally like to team up with another shell and so I’ve approached various leaders and posted up in a few more places. I also spent some time shouting in Whitegate whilst seeking on COR which netted a few peeps. Not ideal and you get the usual no shows but some were simply good players I’d heard of who haven’t had much luck with it.

We decided not to go in and beat our heads against Wing II with new members but to farm up some ampoules and attempt a Wing I win so that existing members could get their ampoule items and newer peeps could have a taste of it. We went in and annihilated the ghosts in short time and dealt with the Orobon boss reasonably well.  Boss went smoothly until 30% and then it got chaotic but peeps really did well. So at least one feather for the new guys and an exciting introduction to Einherjar.  Went in with 24+2 mules. We were missing some regulars (Ere, Firi, Dellos, Lucan, Bulldog etc) but if we can recruit another 6-10 peeps we’ll have a large enough pool to get through. Wing II I can see us doing, we need more peeps for III. If we can regularly go in with 30 I think we’ll be fine.

Was good to see Mactaig up as WHM/SCH. I have some ideas on how to rearrange things to get more out of our BRDs. Three really worked well. Our new RDM/DRK did a great job for his first run. So we had two CS stunners which really make things easier. If we can get in 4 more melee I think we can afford a SCH or two.  I still think SCH is underused. I’d love a couple more CORs too. We can’t always use ours right now because we need their damage from other jobs, stupid as that sounds. When they’re two of your stronger DDs, it’s important. I just try and cover as many melee with BRDs as poss.

I was much happier on the whole with the progress of the run.  Even after our brief exposure to Wing II, I can see how much easier Wing I is. More bodies and better alliance setups are needed to take us all the way through.

We had some fun in


Yes, I did say fun and sky in the same sentence.  Sky farming is old and people are bored with it but it’s still necessary because Kirin hates us and won’t drop cuisses.  We’ve moved the onus for lesser pops onto individuals so if they want haidates, they need to be up there farming dios. We’ve found that this is working better than dragging the usual suspects up there for regular farming.

We’ve had some newer peeps join Seren who have only just gotten Sky or who hadn’t done much with it because their old shells were done with it or operated outside their time zone. So we’ve  had an outbreak of lost members.

This resulted in us losing a Mother Globe to a shell who were better able to navigate. Now in the big scheme of things losing a MG isn’t something to cry over but when half your party is sitting there for 20-30 mins whilst others get lost you do somewhat lose it. Yes, experienced sky peeps were with the newer member but they got lost too!

Psoatten is awesome but players can be muppets.

So, aside from getting pretty annoyed, whilst it’s quiet on shell I’ve had two Sundays of key/coffer hunting for maps for sky.  In the process of which we got another Seiryu pop.  Having an entire linkshell strung out across the basements of Ve’legannon(sp?) Palace yesterday, for the sole purpose of them not getting lost is with hindsight somewhat hilarious.  Especially considering that Sky is one of the earliest ‘endgame’ events out there.  But it was light relief and welcomed; and so now people can get lost with game maps rather than without. Niamh proved his weight in gold and was running peeps all over the place.

So, no epic Kirins or lesser gods but a ton of maps.  I promise we’ll have more interesting news later.

On a personal note

Things online have been up and down. I actually felt better once the drama with Einherjar was resolved. Sure it caused us a few headaches but it took the pressure off me somewhat. We may become another failed Einherjar shell or we may not – who can tell. My preference is for not so I will work hard to achieve that but if I need to throw in the towel I will. It seems that at each stage, there’s a level of frustration but somehow you level past it.

Dynamis is picking up nicely, Xarc was really nice and the first three time extensions were dealt with so well that we didn’t quite realise how much time we had.

I’m levelling COR again, expensive as it is. Slowly getting up my alchemy mule’s smithing so that I have a better shot at hqs on bullets. Iron bullets are expensive. I waited 3+ hours to get invited into a party at the point I was considering muling my gear.  Dinged 55 in a party yesterday before Einherjar and am finally wearing some new pants. 56 is a big level with the first decent AF piece and Slugshot. At which point I’m going to have to really play around with WS setups. I used my Paladin Die, not sure it was worth buying. Once I hit 58 though, the BLM one will be great.

Anyway, not huge news. I’ve acquired my Morgana’s choker,  hoping to get an Omega ring next, picked up a templar mace +shield again for Cure V and bought a Woodsman Ring. I should go do some work.

PS Star Trek is awesome.

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2 Comments on “Been a while”

  1. ath
    June 2, 2009 at 13:08 #

    I’m not 5/5 Yet, I miss counted Still need muffin top to finsh my relic on brd. COunted my AF hat as relic. so… its wasn’t as uber as a run as you though it was…mahaha =p


  2. eldelphia
    June 2, 2009 at 13:11 #

    Trust you to be awkward LOL…


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