Slug shot = crack?

OK… so forever and ever and ever I have been throwing money away at mobs so I can level COR. It’s a lot of fun. I’ve said to people, /RNG and DD = fun. No one believed me for a while.

Now I absolutely am not in any way shape or form a career DD. I have BLM, I cast spells – it’s not really the same.

Things I have discovered in the course of levelling my COR:

Barrage is one hell of a lot of fun
RNG is one hell of a lot of fun
Slugshot makes happy Eld a freaking lunatic!

I need to work on a decent WS setup – input welcome. I don’t have a Peacock Charm, I’m considering BCing for one after today. I have good gear, and am looking forward to my Shark Gun but right now I want to know WHEN CAN I DO IT AGAIN!!!!!?

I’m so scouring the boards tomorrow to find out what I need to do to pimp my Slug Shots!!! I was /NIN today cos I had to pull but I’m assuming /RNG or /WAR would be fun, deadly but fun…

When I got Slug Shot it messed up our chains because we were killing too fast…

I have never ever had a real weaponskill all of my very own.  Not one melee accept… I shall hug it and cuddle it and call it George

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3 Comments on “Slug shot = crack?”

  1. lingan
    June 2, 2009 at 03:47 #

    lol….my slug shot is named michael….michael meyers! i tend to die alot at 75 cor/rng using slug shot…

    enjoy trying not to delevel hehe…. (congrats ^^)


    • June 2, 2009 at 14:01 #

      COR/WAR is hella fun @ 75. And yeah, the first time I used Slug Shot on COR I knew I was going to love the last 20ish levels. Really, just stack Acc at the low levels, since you probably have that gear on you anyway. Worry about a true WS build when you get closer to 75 and have the gear you’re going to use at that level.

      Oh, and just buy spectacles, it’ll save you gil and they’re basically just as good. If +3 Acc is going to make or break you hitting, there are other slots you can update first 🙂


      • eldelphia
        June 2, 2009 at 14:02 #

        Yeah, I have spectacles waiting for me for 59 🙂


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