Aaaaaaarrr! Or something. Man this job is expensive!

I don’t know why I suddenly had this mad urge to get on with COR but I did! So from 50-61 seems to have taken 0.6seconds or something. At least its all happened in the last week or two. The maddest part is that I’ve gone from 54-61 in the last few days!

Eld, Rotx & Doyler going out to play!

Eld, Rotx & Doyler going out to play!

Once you hit 55, things just go nuts. Although in all honesty, 56 is much more fun for a COR. Slugshot and the first part of useful af appear. Slugshot (as mentioned earlier) is crack. Especially for a mage. Accuracy on it isn’t high. I don’t wear all of my af, just the boots, hat and body and have a ton of gear with RAcc on it and eat squid sushi but it still isn’t fantastic. I’m managing to keep my marksmanship capped or close by refusing to cap down anymore. I have no other job I can level it on. My THF is 26 and my WAR is 24… yeah. My RNG is 33 ish I think and I didn’t have the slightest inclination to take up anything before this which could use a crossbow. On the plus side, if I level RNG, I’ll only have to worry about Archery!

But this job is so expensive. I’m levelling Hetal’s smithing so he can make bullets but he needs to be 33 for a 10% chance of HQ  and 53 for more. So its not likely to save me anything really. Bullets are good for smithing skillups right now that’s a bonus.

I sold some ancient beastcoins (thanks Xan) and bought a trailer’s kukri. I’m not buying 2, I have a joytoy ahead and they’re expensive. I bought an Amemet +1 a while ago for some reason and so I dinged into that. Having lost the Shikaree aketon (+7 Ratt)  to the Cor frac (+8 Racc) and so losing RAtt – I was pleased to get some Ratt back.

COR Gear at 61

COR Gear at 61

That’s a solid but not exceptional set of gear. No PCC, no Akinji.  Looking ahead I need to build a gear set around melee for my Joyeuse. Martial Gun and something to QD in.  Mirke Waldecors would be nice but unless we get lucky with Sarameya that might have to wait a while. I have a Denali Body to use and some Commodore’s Gants if I can’t get abjuration for the finger gauntlets to drop but I need those for RDM too. I’d consider some movement speed shoes too but realistically if I’m soloing it won’t be on COR, it’ll be on BLM or SCH. What I want is a solid set of gear for COR to make me useful at events and for fun during merits. Once our Nyzul group is done with hats, then we’re going to farm other crap intermittently. I’d like some Denali Kecks at some point.  There’s little or no competition for the relic armour as a few bits have dropped already to those ahead of me. Tricorne’s will be popular as we haven’t seen any but feet, legs & body should drift my way eventually.

The best bit about this job? (Aside from liking the look!) It’s fun!


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