Some of the crappy things people have done to each other on FFXI

Over the years, I have witnessed many forms of suck in FFXI. Usually because the players prefer to pretend that all the other avatars are computer generated personalities and don’t actually have other people behind them.

It’s only a game. Sure it’s only a game. BULLSHIT is it only a game! It’s a group of REAL people playing avatars in a game setting but they act as a community!Obviously because you can turn them off with a press of a key they don’t need to be treated with respect! I have seen people do the SHITTIEST things to each other online.

  • Like the guy who told a few of his friends he was terminally ill for sympathy attention and basically as much leeway as he could get over. This meant messing around a lot of people including a qualified nurse … eventually he was caught out and called on it. His recovery was a miracle! At which point he panicked and cut off ties with a ton of peeps. He’s still on the server.
  • Or there’s the guy who was playing several women off against each other for as long as he could get away with it until finally a ton of it started coming down on his head because they talked to each other. I’m pretty sure at least one of them quit because of it. He’s still on the server.
  • I know of one guy who met someone in game, met up IRL and got together with them for three years (they lived a way apart) who turned out to be married and still living with his wife. She actually logged on to warn me because he and I had been friends for a while. He’d been messing both of them around. He was married with kids… He’s not still on the server, she had his account details  🙂
  • The guy who was actually married IRL and his wife played, asking various women (myself included) to send real life pervy pics to them. He wondered why I blisted him. Not seen him in a while but he hit on at least 2-3 peeps I know.
  • The woman who was married IRL to another guy in my shell who was flirting with one of her male friends and told him that her husband was just her housemate. I didn’t know she’d done this so when talking to him about stuff and he needed an ear, I let the cat out of the bag inadvertently. She’d been hitting on my friend & left the shell.
  • The guys who decided that you would marry their character because they flashed a lot of cash. Including one of the biggest RMT and PvP players on the server at the time. I was actually approached 3-4 times by different guys in my first 2-3 years to marry their characters in return for cash. Despite their romantic offers, I found myself forced to decline.

OK, there are arseholes everywhere but the online environment really does bring them out.

Random post is random.  Was just chatting about how easy it is for things to be misunderstood genuinely, let alone when the anonymity/distance is exploited.



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2 Comments on “Some of the crappy things people have done to each other on FFXI”

  1. Doyler
    June 11, 2009 at 00:13 #

    so umm no drama this week?


  2. Firi
    June 11, 2009 at 07:07 #

    No Doyler, just fun and game in Buffalo Tickets 😉


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