One more wafer-thin hat!

One. That’s all we need until we are done with Nyzul Isle. Sure, there are items peeps want from other floors but we committed to one piece from each Boss floor for everyone and we have one more hat to get!

Goliard Chapeau

Goliard Chapeau

Last night we did our usual four runs and netted yet another Goliard Chapeau. That’s our fifth… now only Doyler from the original static needs one! Jero could have one too if he really wants as he is our default stand-in when someone can’t make the runs. But it was sorely needed and meant another item is ticked off the list.

Denali Bonnet

Denali Bonnet

We also got Ere a Denali Bonnet, which is great for Ere’s NIN. Nia and Jero, kindly let him have it. Denali Bonnets are cute! So Ere is 3/3 on hats from Nyzul now and we’ve gotten 47 drops from this groups efforts.

Askar Zucchetto

Askar Zucchetto

So we need one zucchetto… just one, for our kitty. But if its anything like the epic tale that was Niamh’s Askar hands, then in six months time we’ll still be here and the floor of Alzadaal undersea ruins will be littered with Goliard and Denali…

I’m excited to be done with Nyzul. I’ve really enjoyed the experience and I love the guys to bits but I want to be able to do other things as well. Also Nyzul is restricted to 6 people and it pretty much writes us off being able to do anything with anyone else in the shell one day a week.  I’m looking forward to doing assaults and salvage. We’ve already agreed to rotate assault missions between high and low ranks so it should be a lot of fun. Hopefully we’ll go on to Captain Rank!

Haven’t had any real chance to level COR this week. Have spent some time in La Valle [S] and Beadeaux [S] farming up boxes and trying to get tiaras, shields and weapons.

I’ve done a bit of work on Echo’s crafting again. I need to get her to Bastok at some point. Probably worth levelling her a couple more levels or whatever it takes to use the Explorer Moogle. She signed up with a ton of guilds during the costume event but I didn’t think to do Alchemy.


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One Comment on “One more wafer-thin hat!”

  1. eresmash
    June 15, 2009 at 09:21 #

    i loike haatz ! 😉

    It’s going to be kinda sad finishing Nyzul – it’s been such an institution for over a year! Although it’s exciting to know that a) we’ll be finished and b) we’ll be able to start something new.


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