ZNM – Anantaboga

I was not destined to get xp on COR last night. Might try again tonight once the Mog Bonanza frenzy and token Soboro run has taken place (need at least 1 Great Katana).

So, after asking peeps on the shell whether they were interested (most peeps were busy already), three of us went off to what we thought was certain Doom ™. Me (RDM/WHM), Rotx (BLM/WHM), Erestor (RNG/NIN).

Anantaboga is a Dahak BRD on one of the islands off Mount Zhayolm. We need several seals from him to pop the three NMs in the tier above for a Sarameya pop.  Ere and I decided to team up on getting pops for this because he wants melee gear and I want mage (Oracle Robe prz).

After some initial scouting and a couple of throwaway comments on wiki we decided to pop it, grav it and run like hell all the way to the South beach to kill it there.

Things we learnt:

  • He’s very easy to kite and you don’t need Gravity, just save it if things get hairy
  • He stops to sing constantly
  • He hits like a truck if he does catch you
  • Charm strips shadows/blink and doesn’t always land
  • Horde lullaby AoE distance is small, he must use a Mary’s horn!
  • He’s fairly weak to nukes
  • Shadowbind is useful if you’re in trouble
Our first Anantaboga drops

Our first Anantaboga drops

The only thing we had to worry about were the two Phasma (ghosts) at night but you can zone them if needed.  I died a couple of times, one was extremely funny.

Run off, stoneskin,  divine seal +convert, get slept. Rotx stuns NM, it turns, hits him once and comes back to finish me off. My bad for thinking I had more time and hate was elsewhere but somewhat hilarious.

Not so fair was the ‘Rotx has hate’, as NM smacks me for 450+.

Our second Anantaboga drops

Our second Anantaboga drops

Still, after our first pop we realised he’s a complete walk in the park and our second NM died fast. We got both the dagger (Rotx, for his THF) and the Great Katana (Ere, for his SAM) as well as our two seal items.

Just as Rotx and I were off to xp with Jero… Kaz sends a tell to ask if we were done with ZNMs. We ended up popping and killing his random Iriz Ima for him, so he could get his seal item.

Iriz Ima for Kaz

Iriz Ima for Kaz

After which we struggled to find a party, some of us get killed by Brach’s aggro, the RDM only had an hour,  Xan took ages changing to NIN on Fade and then I pulled an add which the RDM couldn’t sleep.

Warped, came back, R3 everyone (we xp’d for about 20 mins…) and gave up. Got 1k xp in Level 8 Besieged instead as a  61 COR/WHM!

Still, nice to get 2/3 of the seals we need for the next tier. Now to do another Ob, another Anantaboga and then all three of the tier 3s we need for Sarameya. No doubt we’ll be repeating this a lot in the next few months! Still need to do Armed Gears (but hands might drop elsewhere) and the two shield NMs in the Tyger path (have seals, need a ton of zenis).

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