“Are we nearly there yet?!”

Nyzul Isle is officially bugging me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be there until the last damn Askar helm drops but man did last night piss me off. Not the guys, they were their usual pain-in-the-butt opinionated and hilarious selves. They put up with my temper, they can’t be bad – but man, the floors.

It was the night of a thousand knives or something. Huge floors with lots of ‘Kill all’. Families of 5 chariots with ‘Avoid Discovery’.  Kill frogs.  Oh and Cassie, Capricious Cassie with avoid Discovery by Gears. Which was nice.

Let me tell you a story.  A group of friendly adventurers are waiting at the entrance to Nyzul Isle. Along comes Doyler, geared up and ready to go…

“You’re on DRK?” questions one brave adventurer?

“Yeah, it’s never a problem when Jero comes WAR so I thought I’d come DRK this week”
“What if we get White Magic Restricted, you can’t help heal?”
“We won’t”

A while later, ‘White Magic Restricted’.

“Doyler,  change back to BLU!”

Still that’s what Bene is for right? And it wasn’t that bad a floor. Thank Altana for Revitalisers and Martyr. I’m sure GM’s read party logs sometimes. That’s probably the second or third time we’ve had that pathos in 13-14 months. I actually took a few minutes time out because the night’s runs were pissing me off that badly.

So, we had 2 failed runs. Well ok, one run where we timed out on Sewer Syrup (after Cassie) and one where we exited on 99. 2 Boss kills, no armour drops but a lot of BLU swords. One more bloody Zuchetto to get.

What else have we been doing? Well dinged COR to 62 – huzzah! It was a fun party where we stole some random WHM to add to a shell group and Jero and Doyler made Xan’s life hell. It was definitely the night of the DD ePeen (at level 63!). Was nice to see Doy having a laugh and getting a buffer at the same tim.  I want to work on COR quite hard in the next few weeks, to try for merits and cos in a while we’re headed to Glacier in Dynamis a couple of times and I’d like a shot at the frac (we have no main lot CORs and most others have it already).

I’ve cancelled the Dynamis run on Saturday 4th July. Being a Brit, it means nothing to me but it seems to mean a lot to all our American chums and so I shall go camping that weekend without leaving others in the lurch. Most of our sacks won’t be available, let alone members.

Tibi's Soboro

Tibi's Soboro

We had a nice Soboro run on Tuesday. Tibi needed a Soboro and so we planned it around her work.  A friend came along who also needed (Miz) and as we had such good luck and extra pops drop, we got one for Axyke too! We went 3/3 on them. I’ve never seen them drop so easily. Lok has been ordered to continue levelling his THF as his TH seems to beat out Xan’s and Nui’s! Haven’t put Rotx’ to the test yet!

Finally, Rotx, Doyler and I went to go and find out where Hydra lives. I’ve helped kill Hydra once (long time ago) and all I could remember was, you had to go through Aydeewa Subterrane. It’s pretty easy to get there.  High level Air ele’s pop near him, he’s fairly deaf but hits constantly.


Still it was fun trying! I think the three of us got him briefly to 98% once! Might take the shell up there to poke him sometime.  If we can get some e-seal BRDs with Troubadour and some well merited Slow II it would be a lot easier but he seems fun. Mebbe take a COR for crit hits? We shall see. Be fun trying.


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One Comment on ““Are we nearly there yet?!””

  1. Doyler
    June 20, 2009 at 23:44 #

    Never had a problem in ages im coming drk


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