Too many events in one day

Yesterday was too long for me, and I’m sure – for others. Going to have to reconsider our events schedule I think.  Sundays are just proving too long for me to handle and the fallout from each event is hitting me around midnight. Which is no earthly good when I have work in the morning.

We’re simply trying to fit in too much into one day.  Our weekends are pretty hectic right now even with it being the Summer.

Dynamis  was better for drops and average on currency. Last time we did Jeuno, we got 5 hundreds, this time – none. We did see 10 relic pieces drop, which was decent but not exceptional for that zone. We completely failed to get the win however because we messed up the sac pull and ran out of time. We got the Boss but didn’t get him down before a horde of mobs descended upon us. I think we didn’t send our THF far enough.  

People are getting lazy about reraise, especially in the cities. If we’d managed to pull the Boss again 6-7 peeps would still have been weak because they were face down on the deck waiting on raises from mages who had weakened MP and recast timers. When you have 10 mins left, that’s not acceptable.

I remember this phase in Liquidswords; some peeps just seem to think buying reraise is below them, others forget, some are fretting about their buffers and some can’t afford it.  Which is kinda stupid considering that every month we payout enough to cover at least a couple of reraise items.

Einherjar was good fun this week.  I’m sure to the amusement of some, we’re not getting very far but it was so nice to actually get as far as we did, as smoothly as we did. We have a ton of members registered to come along but at the moment, we can’t get them all there. We had one SAM afk in Nashmau only to cheerfully announce he was back, 20 mins into the run.

C on the other hand, didn’t manage to get lost on the ship.

We had a nice set of Wing II mobs and timed out on the Boss. We had minimal deaths and all links were handled well. SCH is a lot of fun in there, and manifestation+grav = win for crowd control. Was the first time I got to try it out.  Agas were stunned on Balrahn and we did pretty well but we were missing some of our muscle and that seems to be the story of our runs right now. I don’t want to call it because considering we’re usually going in with 24 we’re doing really well but the weeks we go in with 28-30 are so much better. Still the shell is working a lot better right now; at this rate we’re just going to have to get through Wing II with 24. Not sure we can do the same for Wing III. I feel like we’re taking baby steps, and the event is fun but I’d like to do more than farm ampoules.

If we didn’t have enough peeps for Einherjar you can imagine, we didn’t have enough peeps to attempt a Kirin zerg. For some reason we’ve gone from being support light to DD light recently. It’s not that we don’t have them, it’s just they’re damn hard to herd together in one place. Throw in a birthday weekend for two of our major melee we really didn’t have a hope.  We could rustle together 18 players and so decided to just go do him the old fashioned way.  It was a long and slow kill but eventually we did it. Just to have him drop and osode and more bank items. Ok, the osode is pretty win but we still haven’t seen any cuisses. I think it’s because we have a double portion of Homam bodies. We gave the Osode to Doy who promptly gave it to Carp for his BRD.

Our latest Omega Pool

Our latest Omega Pool

Speaking of which, even though it was late, we used Carpenter’s pop set and did Omega.  Another successful fight and a Body (Axyke), Hands (Mactaig) and Feet (Doyler). Making Axy 4/5, Mac 2/5 (in 3 Omegas) and  Doyler 5/5. We have at least 3 more peeps @ 4/5 on Homam.

I just want to mention how much of a star Xan is.  He is. I was getting really freaking pissy about Kirin when his suggestions saved the day. I really needed that. Funny really,  I didn’t think Xan would stay with us when he joined – he’s a good player who has seen a fair few endgame fights and could walk into any HNMLS. Yet he’s stuck with us for quite some time now. It is appreciated. Not just Xan but everyone who sticks by Seren through thick and thin.

People come and go in shells a lot, especially shells like Nova. I’ve learnt not to take it too personally when they turn up, get their wins and armour and disappear. Like Sky, Dynamis only holds a certain length of attraction for most people. But Seren battles its way through as a higgledy-piggledy group of players who occasionally manage to do some really special things.

If we can get an Apollyon SW win done this Thursday we’ll be ready for another Omega this Sunday. Mebbe.


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