Another week, another Nyzul

Last night’s Nyzul was really good fun.  Firi had to work so we were our usual man down and Rotx is MIA, possibly having quit the shell.  We ended up going with me, Doy, Niamh, Ere, Dellos and me. Well ok – me dual boxing Marathonman. I’m going to be honest I expected it to be quite hard work and a bit rubbish. We all decided as we’re so close to being done and it appears our static is all but coming to an end that it was worth a shot.

It turned out a lot better than we could have hoped. I pretty much alternated which character I was using to heal each floor. We got lucky on a few floors, although I had to laugh – this week we got a Blue Magic Pathos, after last week’s run, that’s somewhat ironic.

We did 96-100 four times, and not only got to but beat the Bosses soundly. Only one run had us down to under 5 mins and I think we did at least one run in 10ish. No free floors or gears.  A couple of lamp floors which didn’t involve specific order.

We got one hat, a Denali bonnet which Niamh won but we still need his Askar.  It’s looking increasingly likely that we may need to grab another member of the static just to finish. A shame if so really but at least if that’s the case, we don’t have much to do to finish off.


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