Time to {Taking a break} ?

Rotx took the Einherjar points spreadsheet down. After last time I learnt to keep a closer eye on it. I took a copy before I removed his access. So, as you may have gathered he has left. Along with Jero and Mac. I’m sorry Jero had to go. I’m pretty sure Mac has his own agenda. Rotx on the other hand seemed hell bent on stirring up shit to cause damage to the ‘best shell he’s ever been in’.  He brought the whole damn mess on himself. I guess the point he had to finally get is you don’t mess around with people’s feelings.

Getting to the point where it might be easier for me just to explain the whole damn thing to everyone. Having talked to a couple of people, they think I should. What’s nice is how awesome the guys are being right now, in a weird way its made people realise how precious their friendships in the shell are. And we’re back to a nice white pearl…

In other news  my galka mannequin is looking  P.I.M.P. now 🙂



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2 Comments on “Time to {Taking a break} ?”

  1. June 28, 2009 at 21:10 #

    No Rotz did not take down the spreadsheet. Maybe its because you removed me from the forums. I’m not the one hell bent on stiring shit up. Again turn your finger around.


  2. June 29, 2009 at 17:13 #

    Really because Doy and Eld both still have access: http://rfhdgg.bay.livefilestore.com/y1piWWqs_FJ3pOZbhIzCeJ9721h4ejP-Iz6ABc9IvPhl1tIWfYXJ9m_aB1G276cZjflYOgfBXnrDi3z1xp3mCjHtJdCwiDNrtG2/access.jpg

    For whatever reason you don’t have access was done on your end.

    And Doy don’t come at me with your funky little attitude and call me spineless. I’m the only one who would step up and call eld out on her bull. As it stands now, I’m still the only one. I’d like to give special thanks to everyone who had my back, until the very end, then turned tail and ran back. Appreciate the friendship.

    Not 1 person has attempted to make contact with me, in game or out. Not even you Doy. Everyone will just take what eld says at face value and suckle back up on her teet.

    As far as I’m concerned now, you can say whatever you like to justify yourselves and make yourselves feel better. Make me the bad guy if thats what it takes. Have fun and good luck.


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