What we did this weekend, now with new white pearl!

It’s funny, whilst drama rages in the background Serendipity peeps continue to just get on with it. We reshelled on Friday to save more drama. Peeps have been great about it. I was surprised at who popped up and demanded a pearl, it was great. Personally, well I’ve been up and down with things but I’m only human /shrug. Still some to pearl as peeps were away, we’ll see if we lose anyone else once all are caught up with.

Saturday, I didn’t do much in game until Dynamis.  We had a good turnout for the run and we went ahead with Glacier farming.  It paid off, we saw some much needed drops and everyone seemed to have fun. I was cheered up enormously by the reappearance of Nuitari, who was home after three months work away.  He hasn’t yet quit and hopes to be around a bit more from now on. He swore blind he couldn’t stay for dynamis and no one expected him to but somehow he was there for all but the last ten mins of the run. We made the most of it, saw 8 drops which is solid but not exceptional and  no hundreds. The run was mildly profitable and very relaxed. My galka mannequin is now wearing a Mirage Jubbah which autosorted to me. We had no one who wanted it or who was even considering levelling BLU.

The nicest drops included PLD legs for Clevan, a WHM body for Amber and a BLM coat for Codey.  Arubus was up for it but couldn’t make the run but at least it went to a good home. We’re coming back in a couple of weeks to get the win for our newer peeps, hopefully more shinies will drop for everyone then.

I wasn’t sure how things were going to pan out for Einherjar.  I was expecting to see 18-20 but actually we had a solid 24. We need 28-30 but what we’re discovering is that we’re gradually improving and learning to cope with lower numbers. We got the Wing II Dahak boss down to 20% before timing out after some other Dahaks and some bats.  I can see  what we need to do.  Having a SCH or 2 in there is phenomenal and Carp did an excellent job pulling.  Manifestation +gravity = extreme crowd control and precious seconds for the BRDs to get Horde Lullaby off.

We no longer wipe on bad pulls, we cope with much larger numbers of mobs at once. Status effects are coming off melee much faster and the ampoules are rolling in. Yes, I’d very much like to be doing more than farming ampoules but like quite a few others I feel like we’re making progress in Wing II and we see no need to retreat to Wing I except if someone needs a Wing I win.



Having had such a stressful  Sunday last week we decided not to push things this week. We had nothing planned but ended up popping some ZNMs for peeps and taking a break before Limbus. It was a nice change of pace. Armed gears is kinda fun, shame Kaz didn’t get his shoes.  Least he got his Tomoe and the seal item.  Ob didn’t give up his earring for our PUP but now Ere and I have another seal item (thanks Firi) enabling us to do our last Anantaboga so we can move on to the three Tier III mobs we need to do.  Cheesehoarder seems obsessed with crappy pants.  Quite a lot of interest has been raised in ZNMs again, so I think we’ll be doing a few more of them.  Peeps went out Zeni hunting after the runs.



We cut through Apollyon SW, to complete another Omega pop.   We pulled the tree whch opens the vort too early really and it took it out on our BLMs but aside from that we had no problems. I really dislike that zone and am always pleased when we get that chip from an Omega pod.

After which, I hear a posse of PUPs and a 66 WHM saved Al Zhabi from a level one besieged!

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One Comment on “What we did this weekend, now with new white pearl!”

  1. ath
    July 1, 2009 at 14:52 #

    Good riddance! *hugs*


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