WHM progress & potential hats

Current WHM hMP Set

Current WHM hMP Set

Since my last update I’ve invested in a mirror tiara, an intensifying cape, a templar mace (again) and a numinous shield (again) until I can afford the zenis to spam the muse tariquah NM. Working on a Sarameya pop with Erestor. Now have the means to do Khromasoul, Nosferatu and Achamoth.

To improve the above hMP set I need an oracles body or mahatma houppelande (prefer Oracles because I can use it elsewhere and its ‘free’); some hMP hands – ideally oracles and some rings.

No genie hands up right now, I’d rather work on the freebies that I’ll use for other things., especially as some pops will get our melee some Aurum feet. Yes, pee feet for all!

I think I’ve decided that I have no choice but to invest in a Selenian Cap for WHM when the new expansion scenario comes out. SCH and BLM got a nuking body from ACP which may later get exchanged for a Mirke Waldecors for COR but not sure yet. But Cure potency on a hat = win, especially when you’re wearing a Roundel and Aristo.  Add in a Korin Obi, Healing feather, medicine ring, Temenos lobby (double light) and you’re looking at some serious WHM epeen fun whilst repeatedly harming a Galka MNK!

Seriously of course you’re talking about weapon + body + roundel + hat = 30% cure potency. The secondary option is fast cast v -EMN

So, MND+4 Cure Potency +3% as a base with 20 MP is pretty nice.  I can then add Magical Critical Hit Rate+10%, ENM -4 or MND+2, Enhanced Fast Cast (+2%)

  1. MND+6, Cure potency +3%, Fast Cast +2% or
  2. MND +4, Cure potency +3%, ENM -4, Magical Crit Hit rate +10%

1. is the best Cure V piece bar none as the cure potency will overtake the Healer’s Cap +1. AF+1 hat can still be used for a MND boost to Stoneskin or Enfeebles. And of course a little Fast Cast is always nice

2. I am leaning towards more and more. I wasn’t but if you’re trying to approach -50 ENM then that’s a serious contribution towards it. Also this would make a nice healing head for RDM and SCH.

Magical Critical hits is wasted here, looks like that should be paired with one of the INT combos for a nice BLM piece with -EMN on it. Not looking forward to timed nukes in Xarcabard after this expansion! Could be fun to see the occasional silly critical Holies tho!

Daddy or Chips?


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