65 COR and some ZNMs

Although I’ve seen a fair amount of gil in recently, levelling COR seems to involve watching it flow out again… Hit 65 today which means it’s getting to be almost event worthy in some circumstances. Won’t get used yet but might now come out for meripo or manaburn.

65 COR/RNG setup

65 COR/RNG setup

4 rank 4 prizes in the Mog Bonanza and a 1/5 share in a Hagun+Scouter’s Rope has helped. I’ve bought Genie Gages which I’ll see once I get some Oracle’s gloves. I’ve also managed to pick up a Beater’s earring finally. Bought some dusk trousers and a pair of war brais as well as a stack of iron bullet pouches. Will prolly make some steel bullets for WS.

Legs seem the problem area for COR. I’d like some Denali kecks and some Pahluwan. Dusk are awesome as long as you are not running around. I need to finish off my WAR and RNG subs, 24 and 34 respectively.

With Blood Finger gauntlets my ranged set is going to be fine. Just now really need to work on a melee tp set for my sword and some merits. I can start on sword now if I want but marksmanship will have to wait til COR hits 75.

Had some fun yesterday running around doing bits and pieces. Finished ACP for Nana, did Dell’s Savage Blade WSNM as he’s now a 75 WAR and has already ploughed in quite a few merit into it. So now he’s opening WS that he hasn’t needed before. Helped C skill up Great Axe as he’s decided to finish his WAR at last. I think he’s 63 and he’s enjoying it as a change. Collected a few zenis, now have a Khromasoul pop and Ere has an Achamoth. I have the seal to get another Anantaboga done and then we’ll do Nosferatu as well. Hopefully then we can have a shot at Sarameya. I want an Oracle’s robe, Ere wants the Hachi pants. Lots of cool stuff drops from him.

No doubt we’ll have to repeat until the drops we’d like to see, fall but its not too bad. We did manage to do 4 Obs finally netting 2 guignol earrings, one for Firi and one for Alustriel as well as some attachments. I’m trying to be good and get some zenis each day.

Did Black Coffin for Reccaa and BA, in the process getting it done for Mitch so now all three have access to Salvage. Which is cool (should Nia’s hat ever drop). We took a weekend off from events entirely, including Limbus. So we didn’t pop Omega again but we will be on Sunday.

Had an email and then a long chat with Mac on the phone, that was good. I still feel a bit like no one person is telling me the whole story but I was glad we talked. That’s not me making a dig Mac, just the whole thing has seemed a bit surreal and there are lots of people having lots of conversations behind each other’s backs.

Other things have come to light which I hope have now exposed the fact that whilst I am in no way perfect, I have tried to do the right thing. I hope everyone can now go on and enjoy the game the way they’d like to, instead of lashing out at each other.

Looking forward to Dynamis and Einherjar this weekend, a weekend away was nice but want to see some friends finish some relic sets!


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