Nyzul Isle… over a year… done!

Well it’s taken a long, long, long time… but 49 pieces of Armour later (3 beforehand as well) and our static which has stayed Niamh, Doyler, Firi, Erestor and me and included at various points Aijaz and Rotx has completed the sets we promised to get.  4 runs a week on the whole with guest appearances by Jero, Axyke, Xan, Dellos, Pharmecius, Brachial and others.

More screenshots to follow but here is proof that although Square Enix hates kitties,  finally they relented!

Happy Birthday Niamh, 5/5 Askar!

Happy Birthday Niamh, 5/5 Askar!

And on his birthday too!

Now what?! Been desperate to get this done for a while now but it’s kinda weird 😀 Assaults and Salvage are on the cards, as are a few occasional farming runs into Nyzul for pieces for peeps who have other jobs and not gotten the drops they wanted. Kinda proud we held this together, seen so many other statics fall apart once they got their keys.

Floor 20 (Feet)

  • Eldelphia – Goliard O
  • Firi – Goliard O 24th May 2008
  • Doyler – Denali O (Goliard 22nd April 2009)
  • Erestor – Askar O 23rd June 2008 (Goliard 7th July)
  • Niamh – Askar O 6th August (Goliard 6th August)
  • Aijaz – Denali O 25th 2008 (Goliard 12th June 2008)
  • Rotx – Goliard O 2nd July 2008

Floor 40 (Legs)

  • Eldelphia Goliard O 24th September
  • Firi Goliard O 27th August 2008
  • Doyler Denali O 20th August 2008
  • Erestor – Askar O 13th Aug 2008 (Denali 27th August 2008)
  • Niamh – Askar O 20th August 2008 (Denali 10th September 2008)
  • Aijaz – Denali O 3rd September 2008
  • Rotx – Askar X (Rotx joined the static after this point, but wasn’t bothered about going back for these)
  • Pharmecius – Denali 27th August 2008

Floor 60 (Hands)

  • Eldelphia Goliard O 1st October 2008
  • Firi Goliard O 14th October 2008
  • Doyler Denali O 14th October 2008
  • Erestor – Askar O 19th November 2008
  • Niamh – Askar O 4th Feb 2009 (Denali O 7th January 2009)
  • Rotx – Goliard O 3rd December 2008 (Askar 18th February)
  • Jero – Denali Wristbands 4th Feb 2009

Floor 80 (Body)

  • Eldelphia Goliard O 27th Jan 2009 (Denali 27th Jan 2009)
  • Firi Goliard O 13th May 2009 (Denali 25th March 2009)
  • Doyler Denali O 11th Jan 2009
  • Erestor – Askar O 11th March 2009 (Denali 25th Jan 2009)
  • Niamh – Askar O 21st Jan 2009 (Denali 18th March 2009)
  • Rotx Askar O 13th May 2009 (Goliard 29th Jan 2009, Denali 1st April 2009)

Floor 100 (Head)

  • Eldelphia Goliard O 7th Jan 2009
  • Firi Goliard O 1st April 2009
  • Doyler Denali O 7th Jan 2009
  • Erestor – Askar O May 20th 2009 (Goliard 3rd June 2009, Denali 10th June 2009)
  • Niamh – Askar July 8th 2009 (Goliard 3rd June 2009, Denali 24th June 2009)
  • Rotx – Goliard O June 10th 2009

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One Comment on “Nyzul Isle… over a year… done!”

  1. mactaig
    July 8, 2009 at 22:01 #

    Happy birthday niamh gratz too you ya sexy cat 😀


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