WIDATW: Dynamis, Ouryu & Proto-Omega

Monday mornings suck.  Still it’s now Monday lunchtime and so I have a few minutes to update.  Vanadiel still continues and with next week’s update drawing ever nearer the augmentation system for FOV is being widened to level 75 gear now and there are some new augmentable gear quests coming which seem to involve crafters and high level 6 man NM fights.  http://www.playonline.com/pcd/topics/ff11eu/detail/4728/detail.html

Over the weekend we got busy again. We had a quiet one last week in response to the 4th of July celebrations.

Dynamis Windurst done and out the way for a while. We’ve been there a few times recently, I’d rather farm Bubuirmu as city armour seems to drop like well there; and we need the win again for some of our newer members. Windy did drop PLD feet and so Clevan went 6/6 on PLD (half from us and half from Liquidswords). He was hoping to go 5/6 on NIN too but I think he did pretty well.  The hundred was nice,  there were a handful of drops but nothing spectacular.

Clevan completes his PLD relic

Clevan completes his PLD relic

Sunday we went back to Einherjar. More peeps showing up every week and it was reflected in our attempt at Wing II again. 13% on both Golems, it’s so close, yet so far. We all felt if one of our WHMs had not dc’d and/or  it had been another Boss we’d be walking out with the win. Still, 28 peeps this week and 2-3 more planning on joining.  Having a COR there was nice.

Latest Ouryu

Latest Ouryu

We then went on to Ouryu. We’ve not done a lot of these, but this one was super smooth until the last 5% by which point the BLMs pretty much went screw it and finished it. Much better performance all round, greatly helped I think by one extra RDM and Kaz going SAM/DNC for worms. I feel much more confident that we can do this regularly now.  If we can cut some time off the runs we’ll be able to do more without people flaking out. Still we now have another Monarch Orb to add to our Baha v2 attempt and are working on 2-3 more. I’d like to have 4-5 so we can learn without feeling to crappy when we mess up. And if we don’t mess up – well, great! I don’t think we’ll ever get more than 5 BLMs for our attempts, we were lucky to get that. Still some nice gear upgrades and a few merits made our BLMs invaluable. Mebbe one day I’ll get to nuke him personally. I’d love to but I’m often needed up front.  With 5/5 Bars, Cleric’s pantaloons and /SCH I can hit 127 ele resists and with Ath and others away I had to be on WHM. Carol from a Crumhorn +2 adds another 60? Anyway it all means nothing was really hitting the tanks for anything significant.

Then we took a short break and geared up for another Proto-Omega. Quite a few peeps there this time, made it an easy fight. He didn’t drop a single win chip though, instead a ton of coins and synthesis materials. We got an eye and a tail which went to Tibi and Pharm respectively.  Our Boss lists for Ultima and Omega are quite short right now – but they never really clear.

Tibi & Pharm in their new homam

Tibi & Pharm in their new homam

Somehow over the last few days I’ve managed to get my RNG 2k into 36, I’ll finish off my sub sometime this week and I suppose get going with WAR so I have RNG and WAR subs for 70 COR. Unfortunately I have nothing I can merit marksmanship on until my COR hits 75 but I can do sword and use my joyeuse.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll finally level PLD.

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