And so it begins…

I feel kinda crappy and under the weather so that may influence my post.  I could do with Viruna in real life today; it would mean I wouldn’t have to go for my blood tests. Still didn’t stop us last night going to Salvage and getting our group up and running.

Currently Salvage is open to anyone who wants in because I know that a few will fall by the wayside. We went in with 9 last night which is more than I was expecting but not too bad in terms of management.  Don’t really want to take in any more than 10 and 6 is just fine for most stuff.

Decided not to make it too complicated and having looked at wishlisted pieces, most of them seemed to need a 35 from Zhayolm.  So we went there and popped the first two ramparts.

Had a THF there for the first time and man do cells pour in. Peeps were pretty good about reraise and following instructions so that was good. Bit slow on cells but we prioritised the first few before going in and the rest were simple. I consider Bhaflau and SSR the most accessible areas from my limited prior experience and then Zhayolm and Arrapego.

No NM pops from the Ramparts – I’d be more surprised if there were on the first run to be honest but heh, you never know!

Got to the fourth floor and learnt how to deal with the gears. Not hard really, although we had a couple warp away. We timed out but got the hang of dealing with them fine. I reckon one Rampart and the Boss is easily doable with practice.

For some of us it was a reminder, for others it was a completely new thing. I hope some peeps enjoyed it. Was good to do an odd assault, need to get back into the habit of doing them. The nice thing about doing Nyzul Isle is all those peeps who didn’t ever do assaults before, now are almost max rank and so we can mix up which ranks we do. Looking forward to trying some of the higher rank ones I never got to try. I need 16-17 assaults finished to get Captain.

Bhaflau farming seemed far easier than I remembered – more merits and gear I guess.  Would be tedious to spam over and over so I guess we’ll rotate zones regularly. Need at least 2 SSR 35s so we’ll be in and out of both zones for a while.

Personally I only have one Boss win under my belt so far, and that’s the Brainjack guy. Hoping eventually to get the other three titles!

Rotx contacted me out of the blue to return a Kirin pop he’d been holding for the shell. I hadn’t expected to hear from him again, so this was really appreciated – {Thank You}. Didn’t speak for long and was on my way to a waiting Salvage Group but it was a welcome surprise.

So, Salvage is begun, now to see who sticks by it. I think we’ll repeat Bhaf on Monday cos both Kaz and Doy need feet and Firi needs hands and then we’ll head to Silver Seas.


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