Finish one thing, start the next

Dinged 37 RNG at last so I can relax about that. Means my COR is good to 75 now with RNG, NIN, RDM  and WHM and I can work on WAR and DNC gradually.

RNG 37 got!

RNG 37 got!

And today finally made up my mind to restart levelling Clothcraft. I had hit 98 a while ago but hadn’t touched it since. So I scoured the AH for Raxa, grabbed the four I could see and made a couple of Rasetsu Samue.

Clothcraft 98.1

Clothcraft 98.1

No, I’m not going to screenshot every skillup between now and 99… fear not. Just about time I did this. I’d like to make 100 before I quit/leave/servers shutdown.

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One Comment on “Finish one thing, start the next”

  1. ogdu
    July 17, 2009 at 23:17 #

    i’m fairly new player but i understand what you mean about finishing one thing and starting the next and staying focused


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