Mothra-Ninjas and other animals

H’oh boy has the last week or so been interesting.  As ever our weekend was fairly busy. Not HNM  ‘get-to-the-chopper’ busy but pretty busy. Can I remember what the hell I was about to type just then? No… right so let’s start again! I have some images to add to this post but they’re at home, because I forgot to upload them yesterday.

I’m pretty sure that I did something on Saturday before Dynamis, but it wasn’t anything huge. I tend not to be on much before or after Dynamis.

I think we helped Tibi with her SAM AF fight in Palborough. I know I’ve spent some time on BRD/NIN down in Boyada, helping Doy towards his goal of capping Great Axe on DRK.  Mostly to suffer abuse but sometimes to get some weapon skill points towards unlocking my Dagger of Trials.  I should work on my BLM, SMN and SCH Nyzul staves but I really can’t face them right now. I’ve unlocked Mordant Rime, Death Blossom and Mystic Boon (awesome!) but even with decent haste gear, I hate two-handed weapon tping.

Anyway, Doy is only a few points from cap now and we did Dynamis Jeuno. Again.

We’ve been through what feels like a never-ending series of cities. It hasn’t been and we have spiced things up with the odd icelands run but Jeuno for some reason has been a pain. We don’t do badly there but last time we messed up the Boss pull and were out of time so missed the win.

This time, we had a lowish but not terrible turnout, got 12 relic and a hundred. For once our singles were mostly shells and pieces which meant it was quite a profitable run. We were missing quite a few heavy hitters this week, with work/vacations etc so the run seemed a bit slow. Still managed double pulls but the kill speed was down. We got the win cleanly (thanks Uneac), farmed for 20-30 mins and we were done.

So now I have a confession to make. I now own a piece of RDM relic. OMG keel me nao!

Duelists Tights

Duelist's Tights

RDM city relic is fairly rare for us, starting to make an appearance now but at one point it never seemed to drop. It’s still not over enthusiastic about dropping.. but it does show. We see more bodies than anything.  So, when you have 5-6 RDM main lotters you’d expect the pants to be snapped up. I am not a RDM lotter, I’m lotting SCH right now. Sure the pants are not the best piece but most peeps want sets for storage if nothing else and some like to nuke.

Firstly of our RDM main lotters – only two showed to the run. One on vacation, one at a convention and two working. We saw two pairs of RDM pants drop, one before and one after the Boss. Peeps were pretty pleased for the RDMs. 2 pairs of pants, 2 main lotters = win. Josiey won the first pair, so the second should have been our missing admintaru’s – Reccaa’s. Except that he would not be persuaded to lot them for love nor money. Wanted to hold onto his points for the body and hat.  I understand but considering the points and the fact that bodies have dropped well for us, I’d have been tempted to lot them anyway. In my experience, don’t take relic or in fact any drops for granted. Still I’m sure we’ll see more and I can understand being interested in the Icelands drops.

So, RDM pants go open lot. ‘Any interested 75 RDMs can lot’ says I. Not a single one does. No one wants em.  Repeat. No, really – no interest or peeps have em. OK… for 1 point I’m gonna nab them. And now I have a new piece for my RDM nuking set, which go well with my Redingote.

Scouts Berets

Scouts Berets

The run was a bit messy but it’s done and now we have a few weeks of  Ice and CoP ahead which will make a pleasant change. We have Valkurm to beat for a bunch of the guys, and then most will have Tav access.  Some of us have Tav already but we’ve got a lot of peeps who didn’t do Dynamis until Nova started.

So now Nova is a year old – and we donated an extra mil from the bank into the session’s pool. The bank isn’t huge anyway so it’s just been sitting there for ages doing nothing. We’re dropping down its level cos it’s just not needed.

Sunday we were due to do Einherjar, except as mentioned above this was a weekend of low numbers. So we just farmed ampoules in Wing II with no intention of going for the win.

After which we had some ZNMs and Limbus planned. We intended to do 2-3 ZNM pops and an easy Tem win. Well the Tem win was fine…

We went to pop Achamoth… Tier III ZNM in Halvung. Quite a few peeps came along which was fab and it was good to do a new fight.  We cleared the mobs near the pop, Uneac trained the other mobs to the zone and we pulled the Mothra to the zone.  It started pretty well if not a bit chaotic. BA had dropped from the alliance and did a great job claiming and zoning the adds. But then things started to go wrong around 40% and it became a bit of a struggle. We didn’t wipe but there was death. Anyway after many zonings and gradually getting the thing down I realised we needed bodies inside cos it was getting close. Zoned back in to see it at 3-4%. Kaz unloaded some whoopass on it and it went to 1-2%. At which point he zoned and I, dead on the floor see BA zone in. It goes yellow, he flashes it runs for the zone and it dies.

On the other side of the zone we discover BA has the Antenna… an Organics and a thunder grip. Apparantly no aurum feet or oracles legs… but mine and Ere’s plans for a Sarameya kinda cockblocked for another two pops and everyone has to kill Achamoth again… I was really upset.  I know BA was mortified once he realised what happened and that he couldn’t trade the seal item. Everyone has been pretty awesome about offering pops/seals but I just felt horrible because peeps had put in so much work.  I’m glad no one else missed out on aurum feet. Right now Ere has the Organics, but once he’s played with it, we’ll probably sell.

We have a choice, we either do Ob+Anantaboga again now and retry or we drag BA to Nosferatu and Khromasoul. It may be worth building a second set on BA anyway. Ob and Anantaboga are pretty easy.

At least we know what happens during Achamoth and I think it will be a hell of a lot easier next time. Poison II rotation helps a lot, so do dispels. Our tarus need to die less. More -EMN and HP gear I think might help but in all honesty, the fight whilst not hard when under control, can get messy very fast. And stealing all my MP isn’t good.  I initially came RDM to give Jos the evening off (fat chance), I think I should have been on WHM too and had someone else RDM. Proud of the guys for giving it a shot – hopefully next pop there will be stuff for more peeps to lot.

So after that we didn’t get to do Cheesehoarder or Khromasoul –  we’ll go and poke CH again for Doy asap. He can’t get the bugger to drop his sword for his BLU.

Peeps wanted fun for Limbus, so instead of doing 2-3 zones with the 16 people we had… (more than we had show to our last Omega) we all did one. It was actually a lot of fun. I was both amused and horrified though when Astral Flow wiped out two parties leaving the tank party almost unhurt. Shellra V, Solace and Barspells ftw.   I’m guessing either Shell IV didn’t cut it or it wasn’t up at all in the other 2 parties. Dropped to buff Kaz’ party and cast on everyone in the other party. Still we stormed through the zone, killed everything fast and got rewarded with BST, BST, PLD, RNG, PUP. Only BST were unwanted. Still no NIN, been waiting a while for that.

After all that, I volunteered to do some Nyzul with Brach’s group. They were going to do legs.  No one was interested in Denali and I don’t get to hang out with some of those guys nearly enough. I’ve heard C talk a lot about his static so it was interesting to go play. And I got to be WHM which I love in there. WHM still and always will be my best and favourite job.

We did three runs and saw one pair of Goliard – was a lot of fun and we killed a ton of NMs but none of them dropped anything fun. I don’t think there were even any wanted weapons. Still, one more off their list!

Wow, this turned out far longer than I expected. I’ll post up some pics to break it up a bit later.

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2 Comments on “Mothra-Ninjas and other animals”

  1. Shao
    July 21, 2009 at 04:47 #

    I’m quite depressed that we’re done with Jeuno for a while tbh… Fells like I’ll never get my f*cking pants! But then again, when I’m up for something it never drops… or their’s some new guy to outlot me. Yeah I know… /emotep But it had to come out.


    • eldelphia
      July 21, 2009 at 09:40 #

      Awww hon. If you want those pants that badly, perhaps you should have chosen WHM relic main instead of BLM? Anyway – we will be back and more to the point, we’ll be doing Qufim too where the pants also drop. In CoP dyna zones we’ve had alot of luck getting normal city relic alongside accessories and -1’s.

      We’re never going to stop doing any one zone, so don’t panic 🙂 but we do need a few weeks off!


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