Morning World. What do you do when you badly sprain your ankle and are home for 2 days? The latest expansion scenario, that’s what!

At some crazy time last night,  Xan, Geno, Ziodo, Brach, Doyler and I beat the Boss fight for Moogle Kupo D’etat.  Xan, Brach and I went 1/1 on it – both Ziodo and Geno had tried it 2-5 times with other peeps. 

Eld's New Headgear

Eld's New Headgear

I found MKD slightly more fun that ACP (acronyms go!) but that’s probably because a) I was used to the idea and b) the storyline wasn’t pretending to be awfully serious. My expectations were lower for this one and they were more than met.

The initial farming wasn’t too painful after a couple of days and the HELM was pretty simple.  Definitely go to Yughott/Ghelbsa for logging etc. The choco digging was simple enough, although I need to pay more attention to the plot cos I didn’t pick up where I had to go first time around.

Eld & Ziodo in their new hats!

The only part that really annoyed me was running around Quicksand Caves. Feeling kinda smug about having my map I didn’t have to worry about farming up a key, but I had some problems finding the fragments. I had to move machine and when I did, I lost some or all my markers but didn’t realise… eventually I started clicking on random ??? and picked up a couple more. At which point I just ran around the area I was currently in and finished the thing off fast.


The BC in the Chamber of Oracles really isn’t too bad. Open with Ele Seal + Sleepga  or Sleepga II and then kill the goblins asap. Work on the kitty and then keep her mithra buddies slept when they appear. We had our BRD (Eiden) sleep the mithra adds and just got on with pwning face.  The kitty’s WS/JA is nasty but we had Ere tanking on WAR with 1800 HP so it barely made a dent… Did around 800ish and as it was conal, just hit him. So, soon that was out the way and it was off to Glacier for the minigames.

I was being kinda bombarded at this point by ingame and real life peeps and so I messed up my first attempt at the number game but soon redid it. Being given a flee effect to get to Xarc and do the game there was a nice touch. Was interesting, found out I’ve been K.O.d far too many times.

If you’ve levelled BLM on Demon’s elementals, then getting the next part done as a level 1 was fine. I got lucky and found my Moogle on my first tele, so all of a sudden – I was ready to go.

Brach's Anwig Salade

I really think the Throne Room zone would be improved with having some of those new flying Amphi mobs around the place.

Later, after Geno and Ziodo had gone with their respective groups and failed to beat the Boss, we set up a shell group. Doyler kindly agreed to come along on DRK for us to help out. So we were Xan (RNG), me (WHM), Ziodo (BLM), Doyler (DRK), Brachial (RDM) and Genocydex (SAM).

Ziodo's BLM hat

Ziodo's BLM hat

Phase 1 & 2 are very simple and I had plenty of time to rest to full. The AoE is nasty but managable. The last phase he starts to use Crystalline Flare a bit more often so it then becomes a toss up between getting him down and having MP. If you wait too long your MP will be used up by another Flare… If you survive his 50% add popping and Crystalline Flare combo (Mages on the stairs ftw!) then you’ve probably won.

We got through it in 25 mins – not fast, but we had no death. I reckon eventually this will be a 15 min fight, maybe less. So a race back to Lower Jeuno and suddenly I’m wearing the stupidest hat in the world, ever. Decided, much as fast cast and 2 extra MND are good, that I had to go with the -ENM, especially as I’ll be using it on SCH and RDM.

Champion's Galea #1

My poor Goliard Chapeau is now no longer necessary on my WHM, at all… Walmart for Devotion/Martyr/na’s, AF+1 for enfeebling (not even Cure V now!), mirror tiara for resting and now my Selenian Cap for Curing. I feel kinda sad about this because I’d wanted that damn hat for so long and I got 6 months use out of it. Now it’s a hMP piece for the jobs that can’t wear the tiara!

Champion's Galea #2

Champion's Galea #2

Between them the melee chaps are trying out various connotations of the hats.  I went out briefly to Campaign to try my new cap out but it was kinda late. Cure IV reliably doing 513 on a normal day now.

We had no death and no real problems for the final fight – now to do this and ACP again over what looks like it’s shaping up to be a busy weekend!

Edit: here’s some of the augmented gear I got along the way…

Chiffon Cape - so near and yet so far

Chiffon Cape - so near and yet so far

And another piece which looked kinda hopeful and then I realised I had a chiv chain 😦

Nitid Choker

Nitid Choker


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