Now I’m awake. Crazy weekend, Dyna, Einherjar, KSNM99 and PW!

Well that was a crazy weekend… I shouldn’t even be awake by now after last night but you don’t get a shot at helping with Pandemonium Warden very often, so I was up until 03:30.

Saturday, Nova went back up north to Glacier for Dynamis to get the win and now we have almost everyone through to Xarc again. So we’ll farm Xarc and head back to the CoP zones to work on Tav access. We have Bubu and Qufim done for a lot of peeps but not Valkurm. We got some nice drops including a hundred

WAR – Kazgoroth,  MNK – Sugarbear,  BLM – Arubus,  WAR – Dellos,  WHM – Carpenter, WHM – Niamh and DNC – Alustriel.

So we’re off to Xarc if the zone is free next week,  otherwise I guess we’ll head over to Buburimu. No doubt we’ll be back to the cities again in a bit but I really want a break from them.

Sunday was our usual hectic mess of Einherjar and event. This weekend we decided to cancel Limbus and go try a KSNM99.  Our first ever run of the Wyrm one resulted only in 1/3 wins but that was 18 months ago and I’d hoped we’d come a long way since.  We were missing our main tank (/comfort Clevan) but went in with Niamh and Blooodyangel on PLD. Nia has tanked quite a bit for us, BA had only just come back to the game but made quite an effort to gear himself appropriately.

Early Bird catches the Wyrm

Early Bird catches the Wyrm

I’m pleased to say we won all 3 and fairly easily. First run was slow because the BLM party were a bit too close and got hit hard, so we finished in 22-23 mins. Second run was down to 15 mins and the third to 12. Helped greatly by switching things around a bit and giving the BLMs their own WHM. Shame we don’t have too many SCHs, would have been perfect for the BLM party. I can only imagine what this fight is like if you have more BLMs to throw at it. Everyone did a really good job, grats to Niamh who got our best drop, of a Juggernaut.

Limbus was cancelled and if we’d had any sense,  Doyler, Erestor, Ziodo and I should have logged   well ok the first three at least as we’re EU. But no, around midnight we were gathering outside Whitegate to get a temporary pearl to ProjectLTC  to team up for a Pandemonium Warden attempt. None of us are usual members, some of us know a core of LTC members from former shells. I had no real expectation other than it would be a great fight to be part of and probably my only shot at being involved in any serious attempt.

I was initially involved on WHM, in the lamps alliance. All I knew was the lamps had to die fast and I had to do my best to keep my melee up. We went through the various different forms at speed. My party got switched into the PW alliance at one point when suddenly we were all reforming for the final form.

I’m not really in a position to talk about the strategy here, and I wouldn’t anyway – wasn’t mine and I feel that LTC can talk about it if they want to. I was merely another healing battery in a group event.  There were quite a few temporary members for the fight but the majority were LTC.  Astral flows came and went and we were suddenly down to the last 10%. At this point it really hit home that this mob might go down…  In we go, and oh look, enough time to Bene and die – as Pandemonium Warden hits the floor with 10-15 mins to spare and linkshell chat goes nuts.  The drops were nice but no one could quite believe it was done. Grats on the first kill on Alexander!

I was quite surprised, I only died twice and both of those were on the final form. Doyler seemed to do the worst on the death front, not sure about Ere. I don’t think Zio died… minor miracle.

I crawled into bed at crazy o’clock with a smile on my face. We might have been ‘non-members’ but the four of us contributed to something pretty extraordinary.

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